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Journeys in Transformation

A podcast on analytics

journeys in transformation analytics genpact
journeys in transformation analytics genpact

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Perspectives on the technologies transforming the business world

Hosted by our global analytics leader, Amaresh Tripathy, this podcast series dives into the benefits of data-driven transformation and advanced analytics. Hear stories about delivering incredible customer experiences, increasing competitive advantage, building resilience, and more.

Joining Amaresh are leading voices from the worlds of business and academia who explore the innovations and strategies powering the future of digital transformation.

Building a data culture

The crucial components of a data culture

Learn how to empower employees to manage data processes effectively with Aryng CEO, Piyanka Jain.

How to create a data-driven culture

How can data and analytics unlock competitive advantage? Amaresh speaks to Envision Racing's CTO to find out.

How do we change the data culture?

Snehal Desai, vice president of augmented intelligence at Cardinal Health, explains how to develop data literacy.

Driving digital innovation

Measuring the impact of AI in insurance

Discover what makes the insurance industry a prime target for AI.

Building the data infrastructure of the future

As the scope of financial regulation expands, ING has developed an innovative approach to data management.

Bank of Montreal's data on cloud story

Our cloud and technology leader leads a podcast special with BMO's chief technology officer of data and analytics.

Data-driven decision making

Turning data into insights at Heineken

Discover Heineken's innovative approach to connecting data across its portfolio of 250 brands in 70 countries.

Reducing data bias and creating inclusive AI

In a world where data is the foundation of decision-making, how can business leaders avoid biases in data analysis?

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