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Supply chain management

Boost resilience and agility with our supply chain management services

supply chain management solutions
supply chain management solutions

Supply chain management solutions

As supply chains struggle with new demand patterns, supply constraints, and logistical challenges, our supply chain management services help you boost resilience, control costs, and optimize working capital.

With more than 20 years' consulting experience, we help some of the world's largest companies design, transform, and run their supply chains. Genpact brings consulting experience, technology expertise, and a broad partner network to supply chain management solutions. Our services span supply chain planning, global transportation and logistics, and after-sales services.

Our supply chain management solutions, tools, and services, ensure goods are delivered from suppliers to customers in the most efficient way. Every supply chain organization faces different challenges, and that is why we do not believe in a one size fits all approach to supply chain management.

Our solutions

We bring consulting experience, technology expertise, and a broad partner network to our supply chain management solutions.

Why Genpact

Since 1994 our supply chain consultancy has reimagined supply chains across supply chain planning, logistics, and aftersales service and parts. These are some of the results we've delivered for clients across the globe.

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$ 6

billion spend managed each year

30 %

better forecast accuracy

3 %

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"Genpact was assessed as a Leader based on its ability to provide end-to-end supply chain and digital transformation services to its clients."
Shirley Hung Partner, Everest Group

How we think

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