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Take control of your supply chain planning with o9 and Genpact

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A strategic partnership to accelerate supply chain performance

We combine Genpact's supply chain transformation expertise with o9's capabilities in integrated business planning powered by its proprietary Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) technology to transform supply chain management and scenario planning.

Together, we help define the supply chain transformation journeys of our clients, breaking information and functional silos, redesigning operating models, and building a roadmap for faster technology and data analytics adoption. But we don't just stop there. We are with our clients every step of the way to make their supply chains more agile, efficient, intelligent, and resilient. We apply digitally enabled and hyperconnected practices of working and decision-making led by predictive insights.

Our joint deployment methodology addresses critical success factors such as aligning strategies and process governance with a razor-sharp focus on data readiness, integrated designs, user adoption, and execution support.

Genpact and o9 have partnered for more than eight years to deliver integrated planning and supply chain transformation solutions to some of the world's largest companies across a broad and deep range of planning functionality.

We recently launched a new subscription planning-as-a-service offering that provides end-to-end supply chain and scenario planning. It combines the power of generative AI, o9's Digital Brain platform, and Genpact's supply chain transformation expertise to enhance ROI from digital transformation investments.

"Companies need to transition from linear and functionally siloed supply chain operations to a networked and autonomous model. The Digital Brain Platform of o9 and the integrated AI/ML enabled scenario planning capabilities provide enterprises with the technological vision to enable this transition in ways of working to unlock the future in advanced analytics and computing."

Why o9?

o9 offers a leading AI-powered planning, analytics, and data platform called the Digital Brain, which helps companies across industries transform traditionally slow and siloed planning into smart, integrated, and intelligent planning and decision-making across the core supply chain, commercial, and P&L functions. With o9's Digital Brain platform, companies are able to achieve game-changing improvements in the quality of their data, detect demand and supply risks and opportunities faster, forecast demand more accurately, evaluate what-if scenarios in real time, match demand and supply intelligently, and drive alignment and collaboration across customers, internal stakeholders, and suppliers around the integrated supply chain and commercial plans and decisions. Supported by a global ecosystem of partners, o9's innovative delivery methodology helps companies achieve quick impact in customer service, inventory levels, resource utilization, ESG, and financial KPIs – while enabling a long-term, sustainable transformation of their end-to-end planning and decision-making capabilities.

Read o9-Genpact white paper on digital supply chain transformation

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