Customer experience management services

Put the needs of employees, customers, and partners at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

customer experience transformation
customer experience transformation

Create memorable experiences to help your business thrive

Looking for customer experience transformation? You've come to the right place.

Our customer experience management services seamlessly connect people, processes, data, and technology to help enterprises successfully attract and retain customers.

Digital experience transformation extends to the employee experience too. And with our industry and operational expertise, we'll manage everything with the unique needs of your business in mind.

Working with Rightpoint, a Genpact company, we help enterprises map the customer and employee journey with advanced data and analytics. Using these insights, we'll make sure your business puts people first.

Whatever challenges you're facing, we'll tailor our approach so you can create deeper connections with employees, customers, and partners.

Our impact


User research brings a global business closer to its customers

See how standardized insights and customer journey transformation help this business anticipate the needs of its customers in a competitive market.

Our solutions

We can create a world-class customer experience (CX) with our CX transformation strategy rooted in industry expertise. Our multidisciplinary teams help companies reimagine experiences for employees, customers, and partners to uncover a competitive advantage. Let us help your business thrive.

Digital commerce strategy

Using customer journey mapping, we'll connect your commerce vision and strategy for a better customer journey.


Digital commerce technology

We integrate new tech with existing systems to enrich customer relationships, differentiate brands, and drive customer loyalty.


Emerging technologies

From immersive virtual experiences to augmented reality, we help companies rethink what's possible and create customized experiences.


Employee experience transformation

The employee and customer experience are intrinsically linked. We reimagine employee experiences so customers benefit too.


Mobile commerce strategy and technology

Using our experience in mobile commerce, we can help with platform assessments, complex integrations, and perform analytics tracking.


Modern digital workplace

We help companies design digital workplaces that empower employees to be autonomous, accountable, and efficient.


Omnichannel experiences with cloud

Have you harnessed the power of the cloud? See how one company brought its in-store experience online.


Platform modernization

When you modernize your customer-facing platforms, you modernize the customer experience too.

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Service design

Service design helps companies reimagine the way their business works from the front office to the back office.


Awards and accolades

Rightpoint, a Genpact company, has been recognized for its commitment to designing exceptional experiences that delight employees, customers, and partners.



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Why Genpact

We have the unique blend of experience, technology, industry, and operational expertise your business needs to thrive. With Rightpoint, a Genpact company, we help leading brands unlock competitive advantage with experience.


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Fortune 500 clients

70 %

reduction in resolution time

50 %

faster ROI through agile methodologies

How we think

To succeed in the experience economy, organizations need to prioritize customer experience management. Read our latest insight and advice on how companies can deliver the service and experience customers, employees, and partners expect when they need it.