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Our digital operations and data, tech, and AI services bring innovation and growth to companies around the world.

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Artificial intelligence

See how Genpact can help you develop artificial intelligence services designed to deliver transformation at scale and optimize business processes.

Intelligent automation

Connect people, processes, data, and technology with intelligent automation services for better ways to do business


Cloud is the future. Discover cloud services and solutions that can support business resilience, agility, and innovation

Customer care

Attract and retain customers with empathetic, insight-driven care

Data and analytics

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with advanced analytics and AI


Put the needs of employees, customers, and partners at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting solutions that realize profitable growth, build resilience, mitigate risk, and fuel innovation

Risk and compliance

Explore how Genpact's risk and compliance services help organizations mitigate business and financial risks, and improve regulatory compliance

Sales and commercial

See how our sales and commercial operations services help clients deliver impressive customer success across all touchpoints in the sales life cycle.


Build the next lever of transformative impact for your organization

Sourcing and procurement

Grow profits, mitigate risk, and transform spend management with our strategic sourcing and procurement services

Supply chain management

Genpact has more than 20 years of experience in global supply chain management. Explore our solutions that span planning to aftersales services.

Technology services

We help clients develop a lean digital core, integrate and modernize applications, and accelerate their cloud journey

Trust and safety

Discover how our trust and safety operation models combine content moderation expertise with AI to enhance user safety and experience.