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ai solutions

AI for business: Redefining how we live and work

As enterprises increasingly rely on the power of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to inform critical business decisions and improve operations, our intelligent solutions seamlessly unify people, processes, and technology – helping teams make smarter, faster decisions.

From building new products and services to delivering fantastic customer experiences, we enable digital transformation and business growth at scale. Our approach to responsible innovation integrates controls and governance metrics to future-proof your technology investments. And through our robust partner ecosystem, we tackle every business challenge from beginning to end, making us a one-stop shop for all your digital needs.

With a history of deep industry expertise through 20+ years of experience running thousands of processes for Fortune 500 companies, our global team of more than 10,000 data specialists will help you reimagine what is possible with AI at the heart of every decision.

Our impact


Become a data-driven enterprise

Learn how to become a data-driven enterprise and maximize the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our solutions

Artificial intelligence has the power to transform business outcomes and enhance customer experiences. Our AI capabilities go beyond a specific function, allowing you to see the bigger picture so your organization achieves digital transformation at scale.

Cora LiveSpread

Learn how AI optimizes financial spreading in commercial underwriting and risk management, resulting in higher underwriter productivity, improved compliance, and greater operational consistency.


Cora OrderAssist

Our digital order management solution provides real-time analytics, reduces cost to serve, and automates the order management workflow, equipping your team with the information they need when they need it.


Case fill rate

Use machine learning to optimize case fill rate and safety stock in supply chains, with predictive and prescriptive analytics for better targeting, increased visibility, and inventory optimization.


Discover how pharmacovigilance AI and advanced analytics help improve data quality, prevent adverse events, and deliver insights across regulatory operations, increasing compliance and patient safety.


Cora machine learning financial forecasting

Optimize financial forecasting with an AI solution that uses big data and advanced analytics to map out potential business outcomes, empowering teams to make informed decisions.


Contract Assistant

A machine learning solution that matches contracts to invoices, eliminating manual intervention in document mapping and data extraction, resulting in reduced costs and better governance.


Front Desk Assistant

We help insurers use AI to automate the entire lifecycle of insurance claim intake for better experiences.

Why Genpact

We redefine how organizations operate in the digital age, from transforming business models using automation and finding new patterns with machine learning to redesigning knowledge work through robotics.


Getting closer to customers with supercharged competitive intelligence

See how Enquero, a Genpact company, used automation, analytics, and Google Cloud to transform this company's competitive intelligence process.
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A connected approach to drive digital transformation in healthcare

Discover how Ciox Health revolutionizes the future of digital healthcare with HealthSource, its secure, cloud-based data-management platform on AWS.
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Intelligent production support for a multinational investment bank

This investment bank can now predict and proactively respond to client issues thanks to an AI-powered, self-learning, production support solution.
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How we think

Every organization aspires to become a data-driven enterprise. With AI at the core, we turn data into insight and insight into action – essential for business resilience and growth.