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Artificial intelligence solutions

We specialize in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI solutions to help you transform your business.

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Artificial intelligence in business: Redefining how we work

Across industries, enterprise leaders are reinventing business processes with artificial AI-fueled innovation. But they often struggle to identify high-ROI use cases and make informed decisions to apply AI at scale.

Our AI/machine learning (ML) solutions and insights are technology agnostic and designed with your business goals in mind. What's more, we offer governance models to help you assess the trustworthiness of your data and take steps to reduce bias.

From advisory and strategy consulting services to developing complex AI solutions, we enable full-stack AI/ML and machine learning operations (MLOps) implementation at scale. For example, we help you embed gen AI capabilities to harness and process data, create insights, and deliver growth and outcomes at speed.

Our responsible AI framework integrates controls and governance metrics to future-proof your AI investments. And through our robust partner ecosystem, we accelerate your journey from data and insights to action and outcomes.

We have more than 20 years of deeply rooted business and industry knowledge from working with Fortune 500 companies. Our global team of more than 22,000 data and analytics specialists is ready to show you what's possible when you place AI at the center of your organization.

Our impact

Service generative ai and large language models

Generative AI

Follow our proven routes to value with gen AI and large language models that take a responsible AI approach.

See how machine learning operations drives innovation and efficiency

Our approach

Our comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence services and AI/ML capabilities establishes the foundations for advanced technologies like generative AI, from building robust technology stacks to embedding frameworks for ethical innovation. This approach allows your organization to quickly and effectively develop, implement, and launch innovative solutions that drive business growth and competitive advantage.

AI at scale

Full-stack AI applications with DataOps, MLOps, and Responsible AI

AI-enabled autonomous processes

Automate, optimize, and redefine business processes and operating models

AI-driven insights

Drive better decisions with descriptive and predictive analytics

AI for operations

Transform operations and modernize applications

Our solutions

With our applied AI solutions, we empower clients to drive unparalleled outcomes that transform businesses and enhance customer experiences. Our technology capabilities and expertise put people at the heart of everything we do.

AI/ML blueprint strategy

Our cross-functional experts partner with your team to build the foundation for long-term innovation and business transformation.

Analytics Maturity Meter (AMM)

We offer a multidimensional framework to measure your organization's data and analytics maturity, finding opportunities to improve your analytics capabilities.

Advanced analytics CoE managed services

Optimize business performance and commercialize data opportunities – build and deploy analytics models, manage analytics infrastructure, generate business insights, and create a governance structure through our analytics centers of excellence.

Why Genpact

We redefine how organizations operate with digital technologies. With our startup mentality, we move at speed to explore the unexplored and attempt the unattempted. See how we use technology to make the world work better for people.

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"Genpact, with its analytics expertise and solutions, delivers the insights CIOs and other senior leaders require to better connect with customers, build new products, and drive sustainable growth."


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How we think

Every organization aspires to become a data-driven enterprise. With AI at the core, we turn data into insight and insight into action – essential for business resilience and growth.