Study: The two-year gen AI countdown
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The gen AI countdown

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Embracing the AI revolution

Business leaders worldwide are racing to embrace generative AI (gen AI) to reimagine how we work. But navigating this revolution is not without its perils. To explore how organizations are charting the course, we've partnered with HFS Research, a global business research firm, to gather perspectives and insights from 550 senior leaders across industries. Our study covers these core areas:

  • Adoption: 95% of respondents' companies have not reached gen AI maturity, but those that have share key characteristics and goals
  • Investments: 61% dedicate up to 10% of their tech budgets to gen AI, demonstrating their commitment to the technology
  • Strategy: 52% say a sole focus on productivity is misleading, neglecting the broader benefits and capabilities of AI
  • Transformation: 74% say gen AI is a springboard for value creation, but still see productivity as the top benefit
  • Urgency: The next two years are critical for realizing gen AI’s potential as the technology rapidly reshapes the competitive landscape

As you stand at the forefront of this evolution, use this report to craft a robust strategy and fully harness the benefits of AI.

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Why Genpact?

Our AI/machine learning (ML) solutions and insights are technology agnostic and designed with your business goals in mind. What's more, we offer governance models to help you assess the trustworthiness of your data and take steps to reduce bias.

From advisory and strategy consulting services to developing complex AI solutions, we enable full-stack AI/ML and machine learning operations (MLOps) implementation at scale. For example, we help you embed gen AI capabilities to harness and process data, create insights, and deliver growth and outcomes at speed.

Our responsible AI framework integrates controls and governance metrics to future-proof your AI investments. And through our robust partner ecosystem, we accelerate your journey from data and insights to action and outcomes.

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