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sustainability services

Driving sustainable transformation

As more organizations take on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities, the companies that put them at their core will also unlock a new source of competitive advantage. By meeting customer, employee, investor, and regulator demands, they're protecting the planet, creating a world that works better for people, and becoming the next generation of business.

But to make a fundamental impact on the people and communities they work with, organizations need to look at ESG holistically by responding to evolving regulations, establishing robust data management practices, addressing scope 3 emissions, and integrating sustainability measures into supplier and supply chain management.

At Genpact, we are driven by our purpose – the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people – to partner with businesses to help accelerate their sustainability journeys. With a focus on addressing sustainable development goals such as climate change and diversity, our solutions encompass a wide array of capabilities across technology, data analytics, operations, and advisory services.

We are at the forefront of driving innovation in sustainability with our advanced technology solutions and industry expertise. From developing digital product passports to helping businesses track the carbon footprint of their merchandise and making supply chains circular, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible to create a more sustainable future for all.

Measuring what matters is at the core of our approach. Our solutions are designed to deliver tangible results, helping businesses track their progress toward sustainability goals and demonstrate the value of their efforts to stakeholders.

Digital technologies and analytics uncover environmental and social opportunities, enabling businesses to embed long-term strategies and measure their impact. Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and digital and analytics capabilities, we help companies make meaningful, sustainable progress for their businesses and the world.

Our impact

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Rethink how you deploy and run ESG programs

Companies worldwide are upping their sustainability efforts to have a positive impact on the communities they serve while driving business growth. Learn how Genpact can help build effective sustainability programs at scale.
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Our approach

By helping enterprises integrate sustainable business practices throughout the value chain, we enable them to drive a lasting, positive impact in the communities they serve and on the planet. Our holistic approach to sustainability covers everything from ESG compliance and reporting to sustainable operations. Here are the three pillars of our approach.

Assess and report

Evaluate the current state of ESG programs, including maturity, data management, reporting, and controls

Transition to a sustainable future

Transform across the value chain by transitioning to more sustainable operating models

Adapt to sustainability risks

Build resilience to adapt to the impact of sustainability risks

Our solutions

From reporting to responsible sourcing, our solutions enable businesses to embed sustainable practices seamlessly across core operations, fostering a culture aligned with ESG goals.

Why Genpact

We're masters in data, analytics, reporting, and compliance. We transform processes and manage change. Combine these skills with a commitment to helping companies make a positive impact on their businesses, communities, and the planet, and you have a winning ESG strategy.

How we think

Read on for our latest experience and insight on how ESG initiatives can transform businesses and protect the world.