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Customer care

Attract and retain customers with empathetic, insight-driven care

customer care services
customer care services

Delight your customers

Customer expectations are rising. Technology is enabling hyper-personalized experiences. Simpler customer interactions are moving to digital self-service channels. And agents are handling more complex inquiries. In response, companies are focusing on improving all touchpoints in their customer care operations and delivering a better overall customer experience.

Customer care is the heart of any organization. Genpact helps enterprises evolve from playing a reactionary role to an anticipatory one using data and advanced digital technologies. Our customer care solutions personalize customer journeys, empower agents, and augment man-machine collaboration. We enable you to anticipate customer needs and respond to them faster and with greater relevance and agility.

For more than 20 years, we have digitally transformed the way customer needs are served for global corporations.

Our team of 22,000+ data scientists, technologists, and AI experts we are continuously innovating. . Harnessing the power of advanced digital technologies such as generative AI, we automate, augment, and accelerate work and elevate the customer experience.

Our solutions

Anticipate customer needs and respond more quickly and empathetically with our solutions, which combine human skills with advanced digital technologies.

Service-to-sales support

Empower your call center agents to recommend relevant products and services to your customers in real time with our analytics and generative AI-powered solutions.

Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Turn your customers into advocates using our predictive NPS framework, which allows you to process and model structured and unstructured data for your entire customer base, even without a survey.

Why Genpact

As a leader in customer care, we provide an end-to-end transformation through operational excellence and technology accelerators to create a customer-centric experience and reduce cost to serve.

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