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Genpact and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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About our partnership

Genpact and AWS are helping firms across the globe accelerate their digital transformation. By blending Genpact's industry expertise and AWS cloud-native technologies, enterprises can access the right tools, processes, and frameworks to grow on a global scale, with minimal risk. We also offer bespoke solutions for a variety of industries and business functions to help enterprises innovate and outpace the competition.

This strategic partnership not only delivers bespoke solutions to a variety of industries and business functions, but also explores the power of emerging technologies, such as generative AI. We'll help you reinvent applications, develop new customer experiences, boost productivity, and transform your business – all on cost-effective and secure cloud infrastructure.
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"Amazon Bedrock is rooted in secure data handling, encrypting all data and allowing users to customize models privately. Integrated with Genpact's riskCanvas, this powerful combination enables our mutual customers to enhance productivity in investigating, detecting, and preventing financial crime threats."
Atul Deo General Manager, Amazon Bedrock at AWS

Why Genpact and AWS?

With millions of active clients and 100,000+ partners globally, AWS has one of the largest and most dynamic partner ecosystems. Genpact has demonstrated its commitment to AWS and expertise with AWS technology and services by attaining a Premier Partnership. Clients from every industry, geography, and size can feel confident in the knowledge that when working with Genpact and AWS, they'll benefit from a proven partnership that brings the best and brightest minds to their digital modernization projects.