Transforming collections and contact centers with cloud
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Transforming collections and contact centers with cloud

How a healthcare device manufacturer controls costs, empowers employees, and creates better ways to do business

Who we worked with

A global healthcare device manufacturer

What the company needed

  • To reduce collections process cost and complexity
  • To reduce past-due receivables and improve cash flow
  • To improve the employee experience
  • To enhance security and compliance across the collections process

How we helped

  • Developed a phased assessment and implementation plan
  • Migrated the collections platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Replaced the expensive contact center tool with Amazon Connect and seamlessly integrated it with the AI collections platform

What the company got

  • Predictive analytics and intelligent dashboards powered by AWS QuickSight
  • License cost savings of over $800,000 per year
  • A 75% reduction in ongoing IT infrastructure costs
  • Improved days sales outstanding from 52 days to 32 days

The challenge

Disrupted cash flow and frustrated employees

Businesses need a smart, speedy, and seamless way to collect money from customers. But for one healthcare device manufacturer, a fragmented, slow, and retrospective collections process built with legacy systems led to many past-due payments. This disrupted cash flow and frustrated employees.

Plus, because multiple countries used the contact center solution, a lack of standardization was reducing productivity and causing missed payments – negatively impacting the bottom line.

The company knew that a cloud-based redesign could help. It wanted to move away from on-premise infrastructure to improve operations and explore the seamless employee experiences that cloud has to offer. A move to cloud also presented opportunities to control costs and improve security and compliance.

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The solution

Migrating and modernizing with AWS

Genpact came in to redesign collections in the cloud. After an end-to-end assessment of existing infrastructure and collections processes, we developed a two-phased approach to assessment and implementation.

During the first phase of our assessment, Genpact helped by:

  • Pinpointing how to reduce infrastructure costs with cloud
  • Analyzing various cloud products to meet business and employee needs
  • Developing a technology roadmap for collections

In the first phase of implementation, we migrated the receivables collections platform from on-premise to the cloud, with Amazon Web services. Using DevOps practices, we accelerated the development of new features on the platform, such as predictive analytics, Amazon Translate capabilities, and a virtual email assistant. The new solutions were also enhanced with artificial intelligence to transform the employee experience.

During the second phase of assessment, Genpact transformed the collections contact centers by:

  • Collaborating with contact center teams, cloud architects, and business stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive analysis of various voice solutions
  • Identifying Amazon Connect as the most suitable contact center solution in terms of cost, ease of implementation, and alignment with AWS infrastructure

For the second phase of implementation, we united contact centers across 30 countries using Amazon Connect. We also increased security and compliance with multi-factor authentication and improved reporting capabilities with self-service AWS QuickSight dashboards.

The impact

Controlled costs, empowered employees, and better business

Genpact helped the company put the employee experience at the heart of every decision. Today, the company uses a state-of-the-art cloud-based receivables collections platform and contact center covering 30 countries and 300 collections agents. The result:

  • Employees can explore real-time reporting on customer calls, visual alerts for missed calls, and voicemails
  • License cost savings of $800,000 per year
  • A 75% reduction in ongoing IT infrastructure costs
  • Improved days sales outstanding from 52 days to 32 days

Ultimately, the collections process has truly transformed. Costs are under control, employees are happier, and security, compliance, and productivity have become enhanced. The company has a flexible and modern solution ready to support the growth of its business today and into the future.

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