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Digital marketing, sales, revenue management, and commercial operations

Greater customer loyalty balanced with sustainable, profitable growth.

sales and commercial
sales and commercial

Our solutions

Our sales and commercial services and solutions are proven to increase top-line volume, market share, revenue contribution, and profit contribution while reducing revenue leakage and customer attrition. We differentiate by creating unique customer and employee experiences using digital technologies, data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and advisory and managed services.

Genpact's solutions to supercharge sales for tech companies

Future-ready sales management

We boost collaboration between marketing, sales, and operations to improve the sales process and drive revenue growth. Our focus on insights-driven selling across the revenue cycle delivers personalized customer experiences using digital technologies including generative AI, data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and advisory and managed services.

Customer success

We boost customer retention with a 360° view of customer service to identify and resolve problems before they impact customer satisfaction and analytics to measure channel effectiveness.

Revenue management solutions

We provide advisory, data and technology, analytics, managed services, co-sourcing, and outsourcing services to balance growth across volume and share, revenue contribution, and associated profit contribution.

Channel, customer, and consumer dynamics and insights

We provide fact-based insights and analytics to help understand the drivers for more profitable growth at channel, customer, and geographic levels along with generative AI-based data extraction and summarizing engine, performance dashboards, and demand forecasting services.

Portfolio and assortment optimization

We help clients develop the operational and analytical capabilities to determine the role and growth intent of each category or product in their portfolio, the incrementality of each, where gaps exist, and the investments required to optimize performance. We also use generative AI to determine optimal product mix scenarios for each channel and/or account based on customer behavior to optimize in-market performance and minimize supply chain complexity.

Gross to net revenue data hygiene

Our cascading dashboards simplify the number of trade investment buckets (contra-revenue accounts), establish the booking criteria for each investment account, and monitor and manage the data accuracy of the gross to net revenue equation with complete transparency and visibility.

Digital marketing

We deliver unique customer value-propositions and journeys that create client differentiation and conversion. Our work is underpinned by data, analytics, and an ecosystem of AI-driven MarTech partners. Ultimately, we help our clients maximize customer lifetime value.

Marketing analytics

These solutions identify customers with a high probability of conversion, upsell, and cross-sell and deploy the marketing tactics required to win and retain them - all while optimizing marketing return on investment and media mix. Our solutions cover data enrichment, data visualization, multi-touch attribution, advanced forecasting, machine-learning powered prioritization, campaign management and impact, and gen AI-driven marketing mix optimization for real-time budget allocation and planning.

Marketing operations

Our marketing operations and analytics managed services span B2B, B2SMB, and B2C programmatic media operations, media channel performance, causal analytics, and social media management. We have industry specific solutions for consumer goods, retail, insurance, semiconductors, high-tech SaaS providers, electronics, and life sciences, and health.

Marketing technology and data enablement

Our services span MarTech implementations with a focus on data cataloging and lineage, data lake maintenance, marketing resource management, and account-based marketing solutions. We help companies find more, win more, and keep more sales to maximize topline marketing impact and ROI.

Human-centered experience

We use customer journey mapping to connect your commerce strategy and vision for a better customer journey. We integrate new tech with existing systems to enrich customer relationships, differentiate brands, and drive customer loyalty.

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Why Genpact

We help some of the world's largest organizations build world-class digital marketing, future-ready sales, revenue management, and customer success strategies. We focus on driving experience and growth for fortune 500 clients with over 7000+ delivery professionals across 78 global locations.

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"Genpact helps clients improve price management and optimization, discount and rebate management and optimization, and lead generation capabilities that significantly drive growth and efficiency."
Michael Townsend Research Director, Life Sciences Commercial Strategies, IDC

45 %

increase in marketing spend ROI

~ 10 %

revenue increase

~ 8 %

gross margin increase

+ 85 %

consistent CSat results

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We help companies reimagine sales and commercial processes to deliver an impressive customer experience across all touchpoints in the sales lifecycle.