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Total Experience with Rightpoint and Microsoft

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Every business wants to exceed employee and customer expectations. That's why Genpact has built a range of experience management services to help our clients attract, retain, and delight employees and customers.

We've also invested in our own customer and employee experience talent through the acquisition of Rightpoint, a global experience leader. With this investment, we're giving our clients access to a range of Rightpoint partners and experts ready to support every industry.

Microsoft is one of Rightpoint's leading employee experience (EX) partners. As a full-suite advisory partner for Microsoft's cloud platforms, Rightpoint helps businesses transform employee experience with people-centric solutions.

Why Rightpoint and Microsoft?

Rightpoint works closely with Microsoft to craft engaging experiences for leading businesses worldwide, including the Fortune Global 500. That's why Rightpoint was recognized as Microsoft's US Employee Experience Partner of the Year in 2022 and 2023.

The universal availability of AI technologies will disrupt the competitive advantage of many companies. The companies that stand apart will be those who most successfully redesign experiences to work for the people involved – the customers, employees, and wider communities. Not simply automating what we've done before but rethinking the whole experience.

Total Experience is Righpoint's approach to digital transformation: built for the AI era, putting humans first. It blends the disciplines of customer, employee, and product experience with technical expertise to help businesses rearchitect the way they work.

To help companies realize their Total Experience vision, Rightpoint uses its expertise across the Microsoft portfolio, including:

  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Azure AI Search
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Viva

As part of the Genpact family, Rightpoint has access not only to leading experience partners like Microsoft but also to Genpact's functional and industry experts to deliver outstanding experiences for everyone.

"Rightpoint is a true leader in the EX space. Not only do they understand the modern workplace at a very intricate technical level, but even more importantly, they intuitively grasp the employee experiences, use cases, and benefits to the business that our most important customers are looking for."
Modern Work Transformation Leader Microsoft

If you're ready to transform your employee experience, there's no time to waste.

Discover the power of the Rightpoint and Microsoft partnership today.