The power of gen AI in financial crime risk management
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Fighting financial crime with gen AI: Industry leaders discuss an applied use case

How Apex Fintech Solutions is putting gen AI to work

Financial institutions have been exploring generative AI (gen AI) to detect and prevent fraud and financial losses. In this engaging conversation, Elena Christopher, chief research officer at HFS Research, discusses an applied use case with:

  • Justin Morgan, head of financial crimes compliance at Apex Fintech Solutions
  • Brian Baral, global head of financial crime risk management at Genpact
  • Namita Das, principal product manager of Amazon Bedrock

Watch the video now to learn more about:

  • How Apex Fintech Solutions is using the embedded gen AI capabilities of riskCanvasTM to automatically produce narratives for suspicious activity reports (SARs) and case summaries at the click of a button using inputs from millions of data points
  • The importance of data security and responsible AI practices in deploying gen AI solutions
  • Why it's necessary for industry professionals to embrace and experiment with emerging technologies to stay ahead of criminal tactics

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