Our purpose

The relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people

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This is our pact to you

Our purpose guides us. It’s our North Star. Our compass. Ensuring that we make an impact far bigger than just our bottom line.  

We amplify the impact our clients make on the world, while helping workers prosper, communities thrive, and industries run in harmony with the environment.  

It’s our promise to harness the power of technology and humanity, to help you – the pioneers and visionaries – reimagine, reinvent, and create meaningful transformation that moves us forward.  

This is our passion. Our purpose.  

The relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people.

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Consumer goods
Life sciences and healthcare
Life sciences and healthcare
High tech
High tech

The relentless pursuit of better

Better world

Fast Company – the world's leading business magazine – curates the best of human ingenuity in its annual World Changing Ideas awards. Inspired by honoree Bento and Not Impossible's work to fight food insecurity, Genpact is bringing its digital capabilities to the cause.

More than 50 million people in the US don't know where their next meal will come from. Bento can connect them with nutritious, prepaid meals from nearby restaurants. Together we'll help defy hunger for good.

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Better business

From getting protective equipment to frontline workers to keeping supply chains flowing during a crisis, we partner with clients to make a meaningful difference to their businesses, communities, and beyond.

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Better opportunities

Genpact’s Rise Together program gives the individuals who have been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19 access to job opportunities, reskilling, and ongoing support. We’re opening the door to new career paths and long-term resilience.

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Better intelligence

Our people have dedicated over 10 million hours to building Genpact’s collective intelligence through our learning platform. To help tomorrow’s innovators unlock the skills they need for today’s digital economy, we’ve opened the platform to all professionals so they can transform their industries and shape the next chapter in their careers.

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Better together

We’re creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world where everyone can celebrate their authentic selves. Because it’s only by recognizing each other’s uniqueness and diversity of opinion that we can innovate and make transformation real. Together we are better.

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Better planet

We’re passionate about creating a more sustainable, resilient world. Because when societies, economies, and the environment flourish, people thrive too. That’s what guides our decision making: a planet that works for us all.

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Better for all

When we come together, moments become movements, effort becomes empowerment, and help becomes hope. Our corporate social responsibility encourages and empowers our people to create a huge impact through many small acts of compassion. We’re designing a world that works better for all.

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