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Better communities

Creating a world that works better for all

Our mission

We believe that every person has the power to make a profound impact on another individual, community, or society as a whole. If we take that and multiply it by many, these moments become movements that change the world and make it work better for us all.

Genpact's focus on corporate social responsibility amplifies our impact on communities by harnessing the power of our people, collective passions and expertise, and technology. As our people put their hearts and minds into action, we make an enormous difference in every corner of the world.

Compassion in action

Almost 118,000 instances of volunteer participation in 2023 impacting 25.9 million lives around the world

Just one act can transform our one world

Our corporate social responsibility pillars and flagship programs

1. Better access to health and wellbeing

Meals for Many

We set a goal of feeding 35 million people across the world in 2022. Not only did we surpass that goal, but Genpact has distributed over 100 million meals worldwide since launching the program in 2018. We couldn't have done it without the generous donations of Genpact employees and our clients, who helped us exceed our own expectations.

The US Rapid Action Consortium

Genpact, the Creative Destruction Lab, and COVID Collaborative have launched the US Rapid Action Consortium to help the US economy reopen faster. The consortium operates as a public good, making scalable testing protocols available to organizations across industries and sharing approaches and lessons learned so all can benefit. Join us

2. Better access to education

School-Centered Community Development

This first-of-its-kind partnership between corporations, leading nonprofits, and community members enables the holistic development of children from under-resourced communities across India. Our focus on improving learning outcomes has benefited over 25,000 students and 276 teachers across 18 government schools in 4 locations in India

Teach for an Hour

Every Sunday since 2020, Genpact volunteers have held workshops for high school students and young adults. To date, we've trained over 2,260 participants on career planning and professional skills through over 558,000 learning hours.

3. Better access to opportunity

Better World Initiative

Social enterprises tackling the world's biggest challenges can struggle to live up to their potential without the right technology, resources, and skills. The Better World Initiative lends our digital capabilities and process skills to the social sector at no cost, helping organizations reach more people and accelerate their impact on the planet.

Over the last 7 years, more than 128 residents have participated in 191 projects in India, impacting 11.7 million lives by improving education, health, and employment prospects for local communities nationwide.

Better World Hackathon

In 2022, through our annual virtual hackathon, 120 volunteers from across the world helped all 8 of our partner non-profits from the health, youth development, hunger, and environment sectors solve real-time challenges.

4. Better planet

Cleaner cities

Genpact volunteers across the world engage in a range of activities to advocate for a better planet. We've coordinated community cleanup drives, anti-plastic campaigns, and recycling and upcycling projects to help keep waste out of landfills.

Better Planet Challenge

In the last 11 years, our volunteers have planted 87,000 trees worldwide. Through these plantation drives, we have offset 10,151 metric tons of carbon dioxide in India. Since 2020, we've run a global virtual marathon called the Better Planet Challenge in which we recognize each participant by planting a tree for their efforts. In 2022, we planted 26,133 saplings all over the world, recognizing employees who kept themselves fit through the marathon.

Learn how we're progressing on our journey to create a safer, cleaner, and more equitable world in our 2023 sustainability report.

Celebrating the spirit of volunteering

Heartwarming real-life stories of our people's courage and compassion

Awards and recognition

One of the World's Most Ethical Companies, Ethisphere Institute 2024, for the sixth year in a row

Gold rating in sustainability, EcoVadis, 2023, putting Genpact in the top 5% of organizations rated on sustainability management

Golden peacock

Global leader in Sustainability, Golden Peacock Award, 2022

Csr ubs forum logo

Sustainable Corporate of the Year, Frost & Sullivan and TERI Sustainability 4.0 Award, 2022

Cii itc genpact

Outstanding Achievement in Corporate Excellence at the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2021

Our policies and reports

Read our policies, statements, and reports:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Slavery and human trafficking
  • Sustainability

View them here.

To learn more about Genpact corporate social responsibility, please contact:

US: Barry Rinehart ([email protected])

Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Crina Ilie ([email protected])

Latin America: Sagrario Elias ([email protected])

Philippines: Christopher Nullar ([email protected])

China: Rose Wang ([email protected])

Malaysia: Chunhui Wang ([email protected])

Japan: Satoko Hashiba ([email protected])

India: Sanjay Bhatia ([email protected])