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Taking our skills and expertise beyond borders and boardrooms to create a lasting impact

Digital transformation isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. Social enterprises tackling some of the world's most fundamental challenges can struggle to live up to their potential without the right technology, resources, and skills.

At Genpact, our Better World Initiative lends our digital capabilities and process skills to the social sector at no cost, helping organizations reach more people and accelerate their impact on the planet.

The Better World Initiative has two flagship programs.

Residency program

We give employees – or residents – the opportunity to dramatically change a social enterprise by putting their expertise in process excellence to work. They embark on a yearlong, high-impact journey that gives the organization more time to spend creating systemic change in the communities it serves.


Strategic social initiatives

We also work with social enterprises that combine inspirational innovation with a deeply held purpose to solve the world's most critical problems. Most recently, we've shared our digital and analytics skills with Not Impossible Labs to support its battle against food insecurity in the US (more below).

The journey so far

Launched in 2016, the Better World Initiative has supported over 100 projects and will have impacted over 22 million lives across the globe by the end of 2022. From education and agriculture to women's health and more, we bring new ideas and solutions to social enterprises and their communities. Here are a few examples:

Helping farmers grow their businesses and improve margins​

We wanted to address a growing problem in India: 85% of farmers are agricultural cooperatives made up of individual farmers who work together to enhance their bargaining power, share resources, and maximize their infrastructure investments. But many of these groups struggle to make a profit due to supply chain instability.

To support this integral part of Indian society, we worked with PRADAN, an India-based not-for-profit organization, and used our Lean Six Sigma and design thinking methodologies to create a resilient agricultural supply chain.

So far, the project has benefited 13 cooperatives and 15,000 farmers in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Better world initiative helping farmers
Better world initiative empowering girls

Empowering girls with life skills

When we heard about the Milaan Girl Icon Fellowship, a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on educating and empowering adolescent girls in rural India, we were eager to help it thrive.

The fellowship combats child marriage, domestic violence, and poor education by teaching the girls life skills and educating them on their rights.

To help the NGO grow, we embedded digital technologies in its internal processes to cut the fellowship's selection time by 50%. Now, more girls can enroll faster, which is crucial. A lengthy process could prove catastrophic for girls facing child marriages.

The program has skyrocketed from an average of 100 fellows per cycle to 500.

Innovation and data to fight hunger

Not Impossible Labs addresses an absurdity that affects over 50 million people in the US: food insecurity. Using our skills with digital technology, we enable Bento – a service that connects people in need with meals from local restaurants – to automatically present its users with food choices that reflect their dietary needs, whether they're diabetic, lactose intolerant, or vegan.

By making Bento radically scalable, we're helping it reach its goal of providing 1 million meals a month while also transforming health outcomes for society as a whole.

Better world initiative innovation and data

To learn how to get involved, reach out to us at [email protected].