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Residency Program

better world initiative careers residency program

About the program

Genpact Better World Initiative (formally GSIF) is a CSR initiative launched in 2016 by Genpact in collaboration with Edelgive Foundation. It is a unique yearlong social transformation program which provides professionals the opportunity to work as residents on high social impact projects for leading non-profit organizations in India. It is designed to deliver strategic and long-term meaningful programs in the social sector by offering process excellence support to non-profits in India and empowering them to achieve organizational goals. Genpact partnered with Kaivalya Education Foundation in 2020 to co-design the fellowship program.

"The Genpact Better World Initiative is a game-changing initiative. Our focus is to help social organizations maximize their impact on the communities they serve to create systemic change. This is an amazing opportunity to create change on a large scale for communities that need it most."
Balkrishan "BK" Kalra President and CEO, Genpact

Why you should apply

Gain exposure to process excellence through Lean Six Sigma and design thinking methodologies

Develop leadership skills in a challenging environment

Receive one-on-one mentorship from a Genpact employee who is a VP or above

Become a change management agent and build your brand as a social transformation expert

How to apply

Applications for Genpact's Better World Initiative residency program are currently closed.

To inquire about applications, contact [email protected].

To help you apply, read the video guidelines and FAQs.

"The consulting opportunity I had through the Better World Initiative has enabled me to learn about the social sector and leverage my knowledge and experience in LSS and design thinking to contribute to problem-solving. It has been an amazing journey to grow and excel in the Better World Initiative residency program."
Sachin Anand Better World Initiative resident, 2021
"The Better World Initiative is an ecosystem that provides opportunities to learn, reflect, and grow. Every step of the journey is carefully designed with theoretical exposures, learning by doing, and continuous coaching support to create a positive impact."
Sujan Singha Better World Initiative resident, 2021
"The Better World Initiative residents mapped complicated government processes in a disciplined, rigorous way. They came up with simple, no-cost solutions to simplify processes so that teachers focus more on children and their learning rather than administrative aspects."
Aditya Natraj Founder and director, Kaivalya Education Foundation
"Better World Initiative residents worked under many constraints in the education system. They have equipped our staff with modules so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. When we talk to other people, we say that this is what great partnerships look like."
Shifali Thakur Alumni and development manager, Teach for India

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