Genpact: Leader in ISG Contact Center Services 2023 report
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Genpact a leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ report for customer experience services

Genpact is leading the way in customer experience services

Have you noticed how the contact center scene is leveling up in tech maturity and adoption? Businesses are figuring out they need to step up their game in how they handle customer experiences. And artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking things up, making those experiences smoother and better.

ISG, a top global technology research and IT advisory firm, took a deep dive into the strengths of top service providers worldwide. Out of the 56 companies they looked at, Genpact came out on top in three key areas:

  • Hybrid working solutions
  • Intelligent CX services
  • Social media CX services

Watch Namratha Dharshan, Chief Business Leader, ISG India Research, articulate why Genpact is a top-tier market leader in the 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ report on customer experience services.

Hybrid working solutions

Companies that put their agents first and give them flexibility along with wellness perks are seeing a big payoff with happier, more loyal employees who are more productive. Remote work and cloud-based operations are taking center stage in the contact center. Meanwhile, AI, call recording, speech analytics, and digital self-service solutions are revolutionizing how customers and agents interact.

Genpact is leading the charge in making work flexible and productive. In ISG's report, Genpact leads the Hybrid Working Solutions quadrant. We stand out for our innovative solutions, which address both employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) holistically.

Our key strengths

  • Innovative employee experience enhancement
  • Genome, our learning platform for driving talent development
  • End-to-end digital employee experience with Enterprise360

Intelligent CX services (AI and analytics)

AI and analytics are reshaping the contact center industry and paving the way for new areas of growth. Using advanced digital technologies such as robotic process automation, speech analytics, and natural language processing, companies are boosting productivity, making customers happier, and taking real-time coaching for their agents to new heights.

And guess what? Genpact is at the forefront of this revolution. ISG has recognized our unique ability to help companies build new products and services that deliver fantastic customer experiences. Our AI and analytics portfolio, along with our efficient approach, have put us in the lead.

Our key strengths

Social media CX services

Today, social media reigns supreme. And businesses are awakening to the power of merging social media with AI. This fusion offers a strategic leap for connecting with customers, pinpointing target audiences, and showcasing top offerings. Recognizing this shift, companies are now laser-focused on solutions that enhance customer interactions, optimize their social media presence, and cultivate robust brand relationships.

ISG recognizes Genpact for delivering cutting-edge social media CX services and technologies. We ensure a seamless CX by blending advanced solutions with robust security measures. Through strategic partnerships and our unique methodology, we continually uncover relevant and actionable social media content.

Our key strengths

  • Trust and safety services for social media partners
  • Innovative capabilities
  • Ability to deliver significant impact across the social media value chain
"Genpact has leveraged its widespread digital competency in building cutting-edge solutions to support employees with their multiple requirements and create successful hybrid working environments."
Namratha Dharshan Director of Research and Principal Analyst, ISG
"Genpact offers comprehensive AI-based solutions and has proven expertise in deploying AI and analytics to help improve outcomes for its clients."
Namratha Dharshan Director of Research and Principal Analyst, ISG
"Genpact’s holistic solution portfolio for its clients includes consulting, proprietary solutions, a partner ecosystem, digital capabilities, and a vast pool of talent."
Namratha Dharshan Director of Research and Principal Analyst, ISG

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