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Supporting continuous transformation that unlocks business growth

For every company, access to high-quality data, advanced analytics, and actionable insights has become critical. Time and again, the businesses that can quickly turn insight into action are leading the way. Those that can't are getting left behind. This is why we developed Genpact Enterprise360. The Genpact Enterprise360 platform is a highly integrated intelligence layer. It uses metrics and benchmarks developed from our experience running operations for the world's most successful companies for over 20 years. And with AI embedded throughout, it gives clients the radical transparency they need to make data-led decisions that deliver improved outcomes today and pinpoint valuable opportunities for tomorrow.


embedded KPIs


processes included


improvement in issue resolution


Genpact Enterprise360 collects enterprise operations data from across the business. It creates insights and connects our ecosystem to uncover future risks and emerging patterns to help businesses quickly act on opportunities and find the best way forward.

Persona-based dashboards and insights

  • 100+ KPIs within interactive persona-based dashboards
  • Prescriptive actions based on holistic data
  • Configurable views and drill-down capabilities

Benchmarking and outcome-based simulation

  • Proprietary Genpact framework for diagnostics and benchmarks linked to business goals
  • Granular process data drawn from our work with over 800 clients
  • 'What if' simulator to assess the value of improvement plans

Proactive alerting and issue management

  • Bottom-up view of issues to identify bigger risks
  • Track action plans, escalations, and impact
  • Automated alerts based on predicted risks
  • Client sentiment monitoring and alerts

Shared resources and collaborative ecosystem

  • Recommended best practices based on risks and opportunities
  • Searchable repository of best practices and solutions to design, transform, and run operations
  • Access to holistic data from all corners of the business enabling targeted, proactive insights


Tracking engagement to cut talent loss

For an insurance company in Asia Pacific, keeping employees engaged to reduce attrition is vital to improving business performance.

But it faced a challenge due to irregular interaction between supervisors and their teams and an inability to easily gauge employee mood across the business. And without real-time analytics or insight on employee engagement, the company couldn't spot potential issues or act on them to prevent a loss of talent.

Genpact's Enterprise360 enabled the insurer to regularly gauge employee sentiment and take informed steps toward supporting emotional wellbeing and increasing engagement.

The result? Its response rate to issues increased from 50% to 85% and attrition dropped by 12% in the first quarter alone.


Enterprise360: A recipe for transition success

When a global food services company partnered with Genpact to manage parts of its operations, it expected a smooth transition and true business transformation – not just a lift and shift. And with all teams working remotely and new leaders at the client, the challenge was a little higher.

But we knew we could meet these expectations. Our Genpact Enterprise360 platform gave the company and its teams full transparency into all key operations data from across the business, including people working remotely. It also enabled the team to build strong client relationships and strengthen employee engagement as it tracks sentiment in real time.

And with access to a rich source of benchmarking metrics and a library of solutions, we could deliver business transformation while maintaining governance.

By using Genpact Enterprise360 as a robust intelligence layer, we:

  • Exceeded our service-level targets from day one
  • Delivered significant impact for the client
  • Increased employee engagement

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