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Generative AI

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Service generative ai and large language models
Service generative ai and large language models

Large language models and responsible AI: a critical partnership

Generative AI (gen AI) is not only accelerating how businesses adopt AI but how they innovate, too. Companies want to deliver products and services anytime, anywhere and the rapid rise of AI can make that a reality, but there are risks to avoid. Customizing large language models (LLMs) for the enterprise requires data quality and security and a responsible approach to AI.

Our AI solutions have ethics, transparency, and accountability at the core. We take a four-stage approach with LLMs to help organizations move seamlessly from prototypes to fully scaled gen AI applications:

  • Prompt tuning to query foundational AI models on specific tasks
  • Few-shot learning that enables pretrained models to learn from new categories of limited sample data
  • Fine-tuning to refine pretrained models and improve output
  • Customized, enterprise-grade LLMs focused on specific business functions and industries

How do we deliver AI success? We have more than 20 years' experience designing business processes, creating data foundations, and leading digital transformation for global corporations.

With our team of 22,000+ data scientists and AI experts and a broad ecosystem of partners, including AWS, Dataiku, Google Cloud, and Microsoft, we deliver sustainable business growth and competitive advantage to our clients. Fast.

Learn how to unlock the power of generative AI to transform your business

Our approach

We help companies move from incubation to the democratization of gen AI thanks to our ethical AI approach and AI center of excellence.

Gen AI for the enterprise

Incubate, democratize, and scale the generative AI center of excellence, with guardrails for data strategy, contextualized private LLMs, and an end-to-end responsible AI operating model.

Generative AI for business processes

Automate, optimize, and redefine business processes with generative AI capabilities, like search, generate, classify, cluster, summarize, and extract.

Generative AI for Tech and Digital Ops

Generative AI for developers, coders, testers, and analysts in technology services and digital operations, with co-pilots and gen AI tools for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our solutions

Sales and commercial

Generate content for sales enablement, lead generation, customer segmentation, personalized sales recommendations and emails, and customer service.

Insurance underwriting

Match applicant data with underwriting guidelines, extract key information, check for missing information or data mismatch, and personalize settlement communications.

Supply chain management

Optimize pricing through competitor analysis, develop new products with market research, detect product anomalies, assess suppliers' risk, and expedite demand forecasting analysis.

Customer care

Deliver personalized recommendations, build business intelligence dashboards, create social media content, find opportunities for upsell and cross-sell, and improve customer service.

Finance and accounting

Summarize financial statements, search reports for risk spread, generate credit packs, manage AP helpdesk queries, and streamline financial report writing.

Why Genpact

From building comprehensive tech stacks to embedding frameworks for ethical AI, our work allows businesses to develop, implement, and launch innovative AI solutions at speed and scale. Explore our case studies.

Helping a healthcare provider get the right treatments to patients faster

We developed a custom LLM solution to analyze patients' electronic health records, medical imaging data, and lab results – and offered insights on potential drug interactions, allergies, and other factors unique to a patient's profile – which cut the waiting time for patients and the risks of misdiagnosis.


Strengthening the revenue stream for a beauty products company

Our generative AI solution built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI helped the company analyze large volumes of customer survey data to determine sentiments across specific themes, interest areas, and concerns at 40% less time and cost. This enabled the firm to proactively alleviate customer pain points faster.

Our partnerships

Our strong network of technology partners enables us to build secure, robust, and innovative gen AI solutions.

How we think

While gen AI presents a massive opportunity, it's not without challenges. We believe establishing a culture of responsible AI, building auditing capabilities, creating centers of excellence, and preparing for dynamic data demands can help companies make the most of gen AI.