How gen AI is revolutionizing Novva’s autonomous robots
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Strengthening data center security with gen AI and autonomous robots

Insight hero next level performance and security

Who we worked with

Novva Data Centers, a provider of state-of-the-art data centers across the US, including in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

What the company needed

  • Advanced functionality, integration, and operational efficiency for Novva's fleet of robots that physically patrol and monitor critical assets and infrastructure
  • Greater security of its data centers by equipping the robots with features capable of detecting and reporting potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Improved employee and customer experiences with robots

How we helped

  • Gave the robots features like facial recognition, license plate monitoring, and AI-driven anomaly detection for greater security
  • Used natural language processing, hardware integration, and generative AI to give the robots unique personas and equip them with conversational features to facilitate employees' interactions
  • Designed a custom-branded skin for Novva's robots

What the company got

  • Advanced, adaptable robots with a deeper alignment to Novva's security needs
  • Enhanced protection against security breaches and other malicious activities
  • A workforce comfortable engaging with the robots and often amused by their unique personalities
  • A framework to quickly deploy additional robots across various locations and facilities
“Rightpoint’s expertise in generative AI transformed innovative ideas into impactful real-world solutions.”
Van Allen EVP of Operations and Technology, Novva Data Centers


Bringing humans and machines together to enhance security

Data lies at the heart of every successful organization. That's why safeguarding this organizational lifeblood can be the difference between success and failure. For companies like Novva Data Centers, investing heavily in the most advanced security measures is vital. This commitment extends to incorporating technologies such as 24/7 robotic patrols to monitor and protect their premises.

This is why Novva made significant investments in Spot robot dogs – four-legged mobile and autonomous robots – manufactured by Boston Dynamics to bolster security and operational capabilities. However, Novva found there was limited value to be gained with the out-of-the-box experience because it lacked integration tailored to Novva's existing services and systems.

This is understandable, as Boston Dynamics prides itself in creating some of the most advanced robotics commercially available and relies on organizations like Rightpoint, a global experience leader and Genpact company, to integrate these capabilities for enhanced operational effectiveness.

For us, the goal was to equip the robots with advanced security features while also promoting trust in the technology through friendly interactions between robots, employees, customers, and visitors. Novva knew tackling this task would be difficult because it involved technical, design, and user experience considerations. Plus, seamlessly coordinating these improvements across multiple vendors added another layer of complexity.

Novva's team also wanted to explore how recent advances in generative AI could detect potential security threats and enable natural voice interactions with the robots. Additionally, they sought ways to improve security on both internal and external perimeters, presenting an even greater challenge.


Creating experiences that transform how people, technology, and organizations interact

We jumped into action. We had previously partnered with Boston Dynamics to create its first controller app experience for its Spot robots, so we were familiar with the company's technology. And our Total Experience approach, a human-first strategy that blends the customer, employee, and product experience with the latest technology, enabled us to tackle Novva's challenge head-on.

We started by thoroughly understanding the robots' use cases and exploring opportunities to enhance processes, experiences, and technology. We optimized the robots' performance by continuously making small changes and updates based on users' feedback and data.

Next, we added voice capabilities to build trust and enhance communication with the robots, integrating microphones, speakers, and text-to-audio features. Then, we incorporated large language models with OpenAI's ChatGPT API, training the models with Novva's company data. Finally, we gave the robots unique personalities, such as a cowboy accent, to make interactions more memorable and engaging.

The upgrade also included:

  • Collaborating with various existing vendors and making changes to improve video streaming for facial recognition and license plate monitoring
  • Creating a new OpenAI ChatGPT-based service to supplement existing security systems for detecting vehicles with missing license plates
  • Integrating OpenAI's API with existing systems for anomaly detection when the robots detect potential security threats to critical pieces of infrastructure
  • Training the robots with critical information about Novva and its data center operations
  • Designing branded skins for Novva's robots to increase brand recognition and awareness


Sophisticated, reliable, and friendly robots

Not only did the Spot robots become more relatable, interactive, and engaging, but they also bolstered the safety and efficiency of Novva's operations. These new comprehensive capabilities improved decision-making and security procedures by generating consistent data and reducing the probability of human error.

And our results went further:

  • With generative AI, the Spot robots can detect and notify Novva employees of potential security threats. Using conversational AI, the robots can also have natural conversations with people and provide information about the facilities
  • Sophisticated integration and optimization of predefined autonomous routes allow Spot robots to identify and report on vehicles in Novva's parking lots along with alerting security when vehicles are seen without front or rear license plates, enhancing situational awareness for security investigations
  • Facial recognition features allow the robots to greet employees and registered visitors by their first name, establishing trust and creating a personalized experience
  • It didn't end there, because even robots need a break from time to time: we designed branding and choreographed dance moves for the robots to perform on command to create a more enjoyable workplace for both people and machines

Following the success of this project, Novva is looking to expand its collaboration with Rightpoint, building on the robots' capabilities with additional functionalities and features across new locations.

Innovation with gen AI

By enhancing Novva's Spot robots, we have demonstrated the power of generative AI when applied thoughtfully and strategically. Through our trusted and transparent partnership, expertise in AI, and solution-oriented mindset, we have helped position Novva as a leader in technology adoption, setting a benchmark in the data center industry for intelligent security operations.

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