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A learning infrastructure that builds on collective intelligence to amplify digital, human-led transformation

There's no question about it: digital transformation is essential to innovating at scale and honing your competitive edge. Yet the exciting possibilities that new technologies promise will fall short without a workforce ready to stay one step ahead of disruption.


Reskill at scale when technology is moving quickly

Clearly, companies must foster learning in their teams to get the perfect mix of technical and domain proficiencies, and that's especially true when transforming large enterprise processes. That can seem hard. With complex new technologies coming online almost daily, it's not surprising that learning and development efforts often can't keep up with the speed of digital developments.

A new approach to learning

So, what's the answer? Sharing knowledge through networks is key, because there's a direct correlation between effective digital transformation and the collective intelligence of teams – and organizations. Transformation is less about the skill of individuals and more about the combined interoperable skills of teams – and the organization's ability to distill new knowledge quickly and share them with learners.

Genpact experienced this firsthand. We knew that our path to the future hinged on helping our people constantly improve skills specifically designed for a digital world, but steeped in domain expertise and in a collaborative environment. So we strove to build a solid reskilling and talent-matching program for more than 90,000 of our people.

Our experiment resulted in Genome – the learning platform we developed on the premise of collective intelligence systems inspired by a decade of research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Genome is the first 'for collective intelligence, by collective intelligence' digital transformation learning system in the world.

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Built for scalability, efficiency, and agility, we based the Genome system on the following five principles:

  1. An end-to-end approach to skilling: Reskilling programs should build new skills and create opportunities to use them at scale.
  2. Human-centered learning design: The learning experience must revolve around people and engage them at an emotional level.
  3. Generating 'multilingual' capacity: Reskilling should enable people to straddle all three disciplines of business expertise, data, and digital.
  4. Transformation beyond technology: Both technical and nontechnical people need to embrace a set of skills that complements their core skills.
  5. The power of teams: Because teams are the true agent of change today, training must focus on participants' joint experiences.

How does Genome work?

We designed the platform to feature the following attributes:

Genome reskills workers in a highly collaborative, scalable, and efficient manner. Those with deep, specific knowledge share their expertise using purpose-built tools and processes across networks and teams.

Genome uses discussion forums extensively so people can learn from one another and from the experts – we call them gurus – at the center of the knowledge communities the system creates.

Genome encourages learning by doing. The platform features a task marketplace where experts in their field have developed thousands of microprojects so people and teams can practice what they've absorbed while creating useful artifacts.

The proof is in the uptake

Launched in early 2019, we put Genome to the test in 2020, amid one of the most complex business environments of the past decade. Yet the response was remarkable. Approximately 80% of our people have used the platform consistently, fueling a total of 10 million hours of learning across the company.

Genome facilitated redeployment for more than 5,000 of our associates as the scope of our work changed during the pandemic.

How Genome can work for you

This learning platform helps us doing what we do best – generate impact – because our teams are already using their constantly sharpening skills in their work with people like you – our clients. Now, we can help you apply what we learned to build your own version of Genome, too – particularly if you're reskilling large numbers of people involved in operational transformation. Think of it as learning-as-a-service for digital transformation.

With new technologies developing so quickly, change will only accelerate. To stay ahead of the pack you need to grow skills from within your organization to meet talent demand.

Let us show you how Genome is the right tool for the times.

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