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Genpact Cora is our digital business platform, built with industry and process expertise, that helps to transform every enterprise

genpact cora
genpact cora


Whatever technology you're looking for – whether it's cloud, automation, AI, or analytics – Genpact Cora brings them together in a modular and carefully governed digital business platform to help you realize the benefits of transformation sooner.

What makes Genpact Cora different

Genpact Cora fuels innovation. It allows business leaders to implement technology to modernize their enterprise – across new and legacy environments – to accelerate digital transformation.

Our approach begins by blending insider knowledge with external insights. We help enterprises identify their competitive edge and use technology to bring it to life. And we support every industry using our unique expertise gained from running operations for clients across the globe.

Featured solutions

Working with Genpact, you'll get access to our proprietary and partner technologies – and the knowledge to apply them in the right way at the right time. Learn more about what Genpact Cora has to offer below.

Cora APFlow

Our accounts payable platform automates processes to help you streamline payments, improve supplier relationships, and cut costs.


Cora ARFlow

Collect payments faster, reduce credit risk, and make more accurate forecasts and decisions with our accounts receivable solution.

ops manager genpact

Cora OpsManager

Discover an agile case management platform that transforms your business operations and improves the customer experience.

order assist

Cora OrderAssist

Explore a digital order management system that uses AI to reduce the number of cut orders and increase growth.

workflow orchestration

Cora Orchestration

Manage workflows effectively with Cora Orchestration. With greater control, you can fuel growth, manage costs, and boost business agility.

pharmacovigilance services

Cora PharmacoVigilance

See how life sciences firms use AI-powered pharmacovigilance for adverse event case processing to control compliance and patient safety.

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