Cora OrderAssist

A real-time data order management system that delivers on time and in full.

Cora OrderAssist Highlights

  • 48
    fewer cut orders
  • 70
    reduction in manual tasks
  • +
    reduction in lost sales
  • Bring digital to order management

    Dynamic workflows, real-time analytics, machine learning, and order management software.

  • Improves the bottom line

    Reduces cost-to-serve and boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Automated order allocation

    More accurate, faster matching of product/inventory availability against near-real-time demand.

AI-driven decisions

Cora OrderAssist uses AI to allocate products more effectively, meaning fewer cut orders and increased revenue.

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Dynamic allocation of orders

Cora OrderAssist consolidates data across the value chain and delivers actionable insight to ensure goods are available on the shelf, when they are needed, every time.

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A Fortune 50 CPG manufacturer powered up Cora OrderAssist to move goods at maximum efficiency.

Clients want to buy business outcomes, not just tools and products... Genpact Cora is timely for an industry seeking digital transformation
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Founder and CEO, Everest Group
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