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Strengthen your supply chain with AWS

Bringing innovative forecasting techniques to your supply chain

In a world of constant change, businesses must embed autonomous and networked supply chains for sustainable growth and resilience. Genpact, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), understands this challenge better than most.

It's why we empower clients to build cutting-edge digital solutions to keep their supply chain dynamic and flexible.

Genpact's extensive expertise in AWS Supply Chain solutions can help your business create more precise demand forecasting, streamline inventory management, and build seamless logistics.

This strategic partnership will help your business build resilience, improve sustainability, and protect your competitive advantage.

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Our supply chain solutions blend AWS capabilities, AI, and analytics for real-time models that predict performance to support more resilient supply chains.

Why Genpact and AWS?

With millions of active clients and 100,000+ partners globally, AWS has one of the largest and most dynamic partner ecosystems.

Genpact has demonstrated its commitment to AWS and expertise with AWS technology and services by attaining a Premier Partnership.

Businesses from every industry, geography, and size can feel confident that when working with Genpact and AWS, they'll benefit from a proven partnership that brings the best and brightest minds to their digital modernization projects.