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Create a sustainable supply chain with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Paving the path to sustainable horizons with circular supply chains

At Genpact, we're committed to helping companies embrace circular supply chains to prolong product life and increase material reuse. We collaborate with businesses to develop AWS-powered comprehensive solutions that support post-warranty services and downstream supply chains. Our solutions make spare parts planning and delivery more efficient to cut waste and emissions.

Using the computing power and scalability of AWS, we help businesses adopt cloud solutions and build strategies that boost operational efficiency and enhance business agility while removing functional silos.

We embed industry best practices into processes and build operational resilience through asset refurbishment, resource accessibility, and designing hyperconnected supply chains. But that's not all. Our solutions help businesses respond to regulatory changes, such as the Right to Repair and the EU's Product Passport, to drive circular practices and product repairability.

Our solutions

Our supply chain solutions use AWS's capabilities, AI, and analytics to build real-time models for predicting process performance and accelerate the journey toward a circular economy.

Circular supply chain design

We work with businesses to refurbish assets, ensure part availability, and encourage responsible sourcing. Our worldwide recovery and repair ecosystem reintegrates products quickly and locally into value streams to reduce carbon footprint and lead times.

In-market repair

We extend product usability through in-market product inspection, refurbishment, and remanufacturing. Our worldwide network of logistics and repair partners enables companies to retain product value by minimizing time and return costs.

Service parts planning

Our solutions support efficient maintenance through a connected network of dealers to improve repairs and spare parts availability. We systemically integrate distribution partners into OEM networks to manage product, service, and asset lines. Our advanced spare parts planning and asset scheduling capabilities, along with a worldwide repair network, enable companies to use parts efficiently, maintain accurate inventory, and cut operational costs.

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Why Genpact and AWS?

With millions of active clients and 100,000+ partners globally, AWS has one of the largest and most dynamic partner ecosystems. Genpact has demonstrated its commitment to AWS and expertise with AWS technology and services by attaining a Premier Partnership. Clients from every industry, geography, and size can feel confident in the knowledge that when working with Genpact and AWS, they'll benefit from a proven partnership that brings the best and brightest minds to their digital modernization projects.