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Accelerate your business transformation with artificial intelligence (AI)

Every business wants to extract meaningful insights from data and simplify complex processes. But to do this, you need AI. When you work with Genpact, we blend our business, industry, and operational expertise with AWS's machine-learning capabilities to help your business truly transform.

In partnership with AWS, we support your entire machine-learning journey. Trust us with advisory services, roadmap and blueprinting, and implementation. We'll help you build an enterprise where every decision is a data-driven decision. And we'll make sure you're ready to explore the possibilities of emerging tech like generative AI.

Watch Jan Erik Aase, Partner and Global Head, ISG Provider Lens, explain why Genpact is a leader in its 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ report on AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the US

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Why Genpact and AWS?

With millions of active clients and 100,000+ partners globally, AWS has one of the largest and most dynamic partner ecosystems. We've demonstrated our commitment to AWS, its technology, and its services by securing a Premier Partnership. Enterprises of any size, from any industry, anywhere in the world, can work with Genpact and AWS to get the best and brightest minds for digital transformation.

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