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A single pane of glass for multi-cloud management

Greater visibility, security, and cost control for a healthcare leader

Who we worked with

A global healthcare company that improves patient care with its healthcare app marketplace

What the company needed

  • A more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable way to manage a multi-cloud marketplace for healthcare apps
  • An easier way to boost security and compliance across the cloud platform and its apps
  • Improved operational decision-making for the employees

How we helped

We created a centralized and real-time multi-cloud management platform for the app marketplace.

What the company got

  • Marketplace visibility for all cloud services grew from 10% to 80%
  • A 350% increase in the number of managed cloud instances
  • Cloud platform support operations alerts and activities increased by 20% in 4 months
  • Improved cybersecurity strength from 45% to 89% within 3 months
  • A 22% reduction in cloud costs


A sprawling multi-cloud platform with minimal visibility

Hospitals and clinics use healthcare apps to improve patient care and increase efficiency. As a provider of these apps, this global healthcare company built a multi-cloud marketplace for clients to access the apps or to develop and host new ones.

The company built its app marketplace on leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms, but it was struggling to manage it all. The tools for operations, finance, and compliance did not connect with one another, which led to a number of visibility, control, and governance challenges.

Due to this lack of visibility, employees struggled to make informed decisions on how to best manage the company's operations in the cloud.

Security was another concern. The company's cybersecurity strength – how well it could predict, prevent, and respond to cyberthreats – remained stuck at 45%. And although the marketplace had great potential for growth, the company lacked a scalable strategy.

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A crystal-clear way to manage the app marketplace

When the company brought in Genpact to help manage its app marketplace, we began with a series of workshops to better understand the challenges the healthcare company faced. When we had detailed insight into these challenges, we began to develop a solution.

We helped build and deploy a single pane of glass for multi-cloud management to oversee all of the AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud instances within the app marketplace. Designed to help the company take back control, we created the solution in partnership with their seasoned architects and the digital operations team.

The idea of a 'single pane of glass' cloud solution is that it presents previously disconnected data in a unified way for clearer visibility. This approach empowers the company to effectively govern its multi-cloud environment across the app marketplace.

It also allows the company to:

  • Manage integrations with client platforms
  • Optimize cost analytics end to end for greater control of spend
  • Integrate alerts and operational activities into the management platform
  • Report security and compliance issues for faster remediation

Embedded within the company's existing workflows, the solution gathers data, applies advanced analytics, and generates actionable insights for its employees. Better still, the apps in the marketplace are platform-agnostic and can deploy in any cloud environment.


Greater cloud visibility, security, and cost control

The 'single pane of glass' approach immediately strengthened the company's governance ability from 10% to 80% across its cloud services. And thanks to improved consumption data reporting, cloud costs dropped by 22%.

Other benefits included:

  • A 350% increase in the number of managed cloud instances
  • Cloud platform support operations alerts and activities increased by 20% in 4 months
  • Improved cybersecurity strength from 45% to 89% within 3 months

Of course, in the healthcare industry, compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is essential. This solution provides greater data visibility related to the act, which in turn improves client security compliance.

Today, the digital operations team feels more resilient, productive, efficient, and empowered by the multi-cloud tool. The employee experience is improved now employees have the insights and visibility they need to make informed operational decisions.

Looking to the future because the cloud solution can serve any cloud environment, the company is ready to scale.

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