ISG ranks Genpact a leader for AWS data analytics and ML
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ISG recognizes Genpact as a leader in AWS data analytics and machine learning

Report highlights how Genpact and AWS reimagine processes with analytics

The data analytics and machine learning markets continue to grow rapidly. Enterprises across every industry want to find new ways to improve operations, drive innovation, and gain a competitive advantage.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the forefront of this transformation. Across 31 geographies and working with 100,000 partners from over 150 countries, AWS uses machine learning to solve business problems.

As an AWS partner, we're proud that ISG has recognized Genpact as a leader in its 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ report on AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the US. The report evaluates and positions service providers based on their capabilities, market positioning, and ability to address the challenges enterprises face.

The report acknowledges Genpact's focus on reimagining processes with analytics, enabling businesses to take a data-driven approach. It also mentions how we incorporate our functional expertise into AWS solutions to deliver business outcomes beyond increased productivity.

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"Genpact has successfully integrated its process excellence expertise to deliver best-in-class business process outcomes with AWS DAML services."
Ashwin Gaidhani Lead Author and Research Partner, ISG

Genpact's ranking highlights our strong capabilities and expertise in delivering AI and machine learning solutions on the AWS cloud. With our focus on process excellence and data-driven strategy, we help enterprises unlock the potential of their data to achieve their digital transformation goals.

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