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Driving ESG progress for Zalando with indirect sourcing insights

Advancing sustainability in retail

As more organizations take on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities, the companies that put them at their core will also unlock a new source of competitive advantage. Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and digital and analytics capabilities, we help companies make meaningful, sustainable progress for their businesses and the world. We recently teamed up with Zalando, an online retailer of shoes, fashion, and beauty, to help it do just that.

Zalando's procurement team deals with a complex network of thousands of suppliers, making enforcing codes of conduct tough. But to raise the bar on ethical standards, compliance is critical. Find out how Genpact's data-driven compliance screening helps Zalando raise ethical standards across its supply chain in this interview with Alejandro Basterrechea, the director of indirect procurement at Zalando, for The Business Profile magazine.

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