Genpact – a leader among top data science service providers
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Genpact a leader among data science service providers

Insight hero genpact a leader among data science service providers

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Among a list of 36 prominent data science service providers, Genpact has come on top, according to a new study by AIM Research.

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes rely on advanced analytics, generative AI, cloud, automation, and other technologies to drive decision-making, improve operation efficiency, and lower costs. With the increased demand, selecting the right data science provider is crucial in generating business value and delivering results.

AIM Research, a subsidiary of Analytics India Magazine, evaluates vendor competencies and capabilities to aid enterprise leaders in the search for technology service providers. The analysis focuses on areas such as real-time data analysis, holistic end-to-end solutions, advanced AI and machine learning techniques, and security and compliance.

The study also accounts for market penetration — a vendor's relevance across industries and sectors — along with their maturity, proficiency, and experience in data science.

"Genpact is a significant player in bringing augmented intelligence, which couples machine intelligence with human intelligence across industries, and thus reimagining end-to-end business processes for organizations," the report reads.

The report also highlights our strong relationship with clients, a broad ecosystem of partners, advisory and consulting capabilities, 20 plus years of experience, among other factors, as the basis for their ranking.

Another key differentiator is our responsible AI framework, which protects specific industry and demographic information and adheres to regulatory and compliance standards for the ethical use of AI.

Lastly, DataBridge, our data literacy program to equip our workforce with data skills, also influenced the ranking. Since 2021, 70,000 employees have already gone through the program.

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