Genpact: Leader in HFS Horizons supply chain services report
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HFS names Genpact a market leader in supply chain services

Report highlights our commitment to building sustainable supply chain excellence with advanced AI integration

Genpact helps clients stay ahead of the curve with solutions-led operations and strategic partnerships

As companies increasingly partner with service providers to drive supply chain innovation, HFS Research, a global research and analysis firm, has recognized Genpact as a market leader in its HFS Horizons: Supply Chain Services 2024 report. This comprehensive report assesses the capabilities of 18 supply chain service providers at the forefront of innovation and value realization.

The report highlights multiple Genpact differentiators, including:

  • The creation of sustainable supply chain operations using AI, automation, and strategic alliances
  • Our as-a-service capabilities to manage both forward and aftersales supply chain services in an outcome-driven commercial mechanism, resulting in revenue growth of 45%
  • Integrating supply chain operations to embed sustainability and circular economy principles
  • Implementing generative AI and data analytics to enhance demand planning and reduce inventory
  • Retaining our clients’ and partners’ trust and confidence to bring deep expertise in supply chain management and planning for large-scale transformations

Genpact’s data management, AI-powered enterprise planning control towers, and predictive analytics capabilities in inventory optimization and allocation enable the entire value chain, from demand planning to supplier risk management and beyond, to operate at maximum output.

Genpact is reshaping the supply chain management landscape through a circular supply chain vision and forming strategic global partnerships. Its forward-thinking approach to expanding capabilities, such as real-time analytics and AI-driven decision-making, and a dedication to sustainability positions it as a leader in driving next-generation supply chain innovations.
Ashish Chaturvedi Practice Leader, HFS Research

HFS Horizons: Supply Chain Services, 2024

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