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Everest Group names Genpact a leader in advanced analytics and insights services

For the third consecutive year, prominent research firm Everest Group has named Genpact a leader in its 2022 PEAK Matrix® assessment for Advanced Analytics and Insights Services.

In this comprehensive evaluation, Everest Group gave Genpact a perfect score in the category of 'value delivered' for clients. The accolade confirms our standing as a significant player in augmented intelligence across industries and solidifies our success in helping enterprise leaders improve their end-to-end operations.

Through our suite of technology-led solutions, including Genpact Cora – our modular, artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform, we empower enterprise leaders to make strategic, real-time decisions.

"Genpact, with its analytics expertise and augmented intelligence solutions, delivers the insights CIOs and other senior leaders require to better connect with customers, build new products, and drive sustainable growth," said Vishal Gupta, vice president, Everest Group.

The evaluation also underpins Genpact's strong relationship with clients, cared for by more than 10,000 global data specialists delivering predictive analytics, AI, and machine-learning solutions. It also highlights our strategic acquisition of Enquero, a global technology solutions leader in data engineering and advanced analytics.

And ultimately, it recognizes our effort to increase data literacy across the enterprise and shift employees away from transactional projects and into insight-generating roles — the type of roles that drive long-term value for clients.

“This recognition comes at a time when data and analytics have become one of the largest drivers of transformation value across enterprises,” said Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer, Genpact. “What’s become clear is that success in enterprises is directly correlated to a data culture, an outcome-based approach, and ethical governance.”

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