Our Continuous Transformation Approach
At the heart of every client relationship at Genpact is a focus on creating sustainable, long-term value. So, how do we drive change to promote resilience, innovation, and growth for our clients? What make us different? Here is your chance to learn more.
Our approach to continuous transformation incorporates four capabilities linked by a neural network of enterprise intelligence, seamless change management, and client-focused culture. This approach brings industry expertise, technology, and data together in a way that delivers a combined value that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Our unique approach to deliver resilience, innovation, and growth
Integrated technology
and digital innovation
Culture of
collective ambition
change management
Contextual expertise

Do transform your business.
Don’t forget the context.

When you lead a business transformation, how do you identify the best approach to reach your goals?

The answer often lies in your data, but unlocking it requires contextual expertise. Contextual expertise combines process, operational, and industry knowledge to identify the best approach, solutions, and services for our clients.

Fast facts:
Our contextual expertise is rooted in our proprietary IP portfolio – informed by more than 20 years of experience in solving complex problems for our clients
Our IP portfolio includes process frameworks, methods and know-how, reference architectures, labeled data, and reusable technology assets
Genpact knowledge managers are the stewards of the IP portfolio that underpins our contextual expertise
Story summary:

Through their work, Genpact employees gain process experience, operational knowledge, and industry insight. This forms the foundation of our contextual expertise.

Contextual expertise is a differentiator that helps us identify the best approach, solutions, and services for our clients. We do this by connecting four areas:

  1. People – Our knowledge managers oversee our contextual expertise, making sure we continuously grow and evolve to support our clients
  2. Technology – We use technology to enable employees across Genpact to learn from, contribute to, and reuse our collective knowledge
  3. Data – Gathered across clients and backed by industry insight, operational data helps us continually redefine what good looks like
  4. Intellectual property – We have a wealth of process frameworks, methods and know-how, reference architectures, and reusable technology assets

This blend of business and technology expertise allows us to deliver revenue growth, resilience, and transformation at scale for our clients.

Integrated technology and digital innovation

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle.

AI, analytics, automation, cloud. These are just some of the technologies that Genpact utilizes to accelerate transformation for our clients. And Genpact Cora – our digital business platform that leverages a best-in-class ecosystem of both proprietary and partner technologies – is at the heart of every transformation.

But today, transformation isn’t just about the technologies you choose, but how you integrate them to fuel innovation. In short – it’s time for a better approach.

Fast facts:
Business leaders must learn to identify and understand a dynamic set of internal and external factors driving transformation
Cloud, data, and AI are crucial components of transformation but must be applied in the right way and at the right time
Connecting people, processes, data, and technology is the best way to accelerate transformation
Story summary:

We use Genpact Cora, our digital business platform, to deliver digital innovation across a range of industries. Cora allows business leaders to implement technology to transform their enterprise – across new and legacy environments – to accelerate digital transformation.

Our approach starts by getting business leaders to use their insider knowledge and insights from outside the enterprise to identify their competitive edge.

When they’re ready to transform, we have a range of proprietary and partner technologies at our disposal – and the knowledge to apply them in the right way at the right time. We use cloud, data, and AI to help identify these opportunities.

But technology is only one piece of the puzzle. You must also connect people, processes, data, and technology for successful and sustainable transformation.

Combined with contextual expertise, a focus on human-centric experiences, and predictive analytics, we integrate technology to help businesses innovate, grow, and thrive.

Human-centric experience

Leaders want their people to be happy.
But how can they be happy if they’re not being heard?

Employees. Customers. Partners. Suppliers. They all expect a world class experience regardless of where they are in the value chain. And what they need today might be different from what they’ll want tomorrow. Doesn’t a way to continuously gather insights from everyone involved sound good? We’re on it.

Fast facts:
We define the best experience at every step in the value chain and then gather feedback to continuously evaluate and enrich the experience
Amber – our AI-powered engagement tool – provides real-time insights into the employee experience
We help clients and partners assess and improve the experiences they offer across their value chain as well
Story summary:

People are at the heart of every enterprise. So how do you make sure they’re heard?

At Genpact, we take a data-driven approach to gather opinions, emotions, perceptions, and concerns from across our ecosystem in real-time. This data becomes insights that spark meaningful change. These insights also feed into our intelligence layer — Enterprise360 – for continuous improvement in experiences across the value chain.

For example, our AI-powered employee engagement tool, Amber, conducts empathetic conversations with employees at crucial moments in their journey. As Amber measures mood and engagement levels, these insights prompt managers to make small changes that can lead to a big difference in employee satisfaction.

Our clients and partners benefit in the same way. We can show them a snapshot of their company culture, health, and interactions – and how to improve.

Genpact is in the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people. It’s why we focus on human-centric experiences as part of our continuous transformation approach.

Predictive analytics

Businesses can’t afford to be reactive.
It’s time to predict and prepare.

Companies work hard to plan for what tomorrow might bring. But this can involve a lot of assumptions. To avoid this, continuous transformation calls for a proactive approach.

This is where predictive analytics comes in. It supports smarter decisions, quick resolutions, and new ways to generate revenue.

Fast facts:
Predictive analytics must be fueled by internal and external data
It turns huge volumes of data into insight so leaders can learn to make better, more proactive business decisions
The best way to ‘future-proof’ is to set up a program that continuously predicts, learns, and promotes change to adapt in an evolving market
Story summary:

Continuous transformation involves an endless search for better ways of doing business. The ability to act on issues before they become problems is the mark of a true business leader.

Predictive analytics can help. Built on a strong data foundation, predictive analytics assesses past situations – what worked, what didn’t, and why – to help businesses prepare for the future.

Using data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, enterprises can make more informed decisions. Predictive analytics also shows where other technologies could be best applied to transform experiences for employees, customers, and partners.

Overall, predictive analytics helps leaders:

  • Strengthen decision-making
  • Identify operational improvements
  • Boost business revenue
  • Unlock competitive advantage

Today, enterprises are solving some of their most complex problems with Genpact’s analytics solutions. Our approach to predictive analytics is a compelling example of continuous transformation: Learning from the past. Strengthening the present. Planning for the future.

Enterprise intelligence

Examine. Understand. Act. Repeat.

“How’s team morale today?” “Is our order volume rising?” “Why are these numbers different from last year?”

People need real-time answers to pressing questions. It’s why we’ve developed our integrated enterprise intelligence layer – Enterprise360. With AI embedded throughout, Enterprise360 gives everyone the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

Fast facts:
Enterprise360 uses vast amounts of operational data to help business leaders benchmark their operational performance
Dashboards and alerts flag operational issues in real-time and suggest the next best action
Enterprise360 continuously generates and captures insights, in order to promote continuous change to drive better business outcomes
Story summary:

Continuous transformation is fueled by data-driven insights. But converting data to insight is not easy. That’s why businesses need enterprise intelligence. Our integrated intelligence layer — Enterprise360 — converts data into the insights our teams and clients need, when they need them.

Built with the power of AI, Enterprise360:

  • Provides transparency into business health
  • Identifies future transformation opportunities
  • Alerts teams to operational issues in real-time
  • Helps teams benchmark their performance against their peers
  • Continuously learns and improves

Enterprise360 helped a retailer whose managers were constantly surprised by order spikes. Today, by collecting and analyzing data from every corner of the company, a dashboard identifies and alerts everyone who needs to know when order volume is on the rise. Chaos has been replaced by collaboration.

Culture of collective ambition

We only succeed when our clients succeed.
That’s what makes Genpact different.

Our employees and clients are part of a connected ecosystem. It’s why we’re so invested in our clients’ success – not just at the start of their journey, but every step of the way.

We call this our culture of collective ambition – where our focus on delivering client value first leads to longer, happier, and more successful partnerships. In short, everybody wins.

Fast facts:
Genpact’s success is directly tied to our ability to identify the best path for our clients to take in their transformation journey
No matter where we are in the journey, we focus on delivering client value first
We lead change by being curious, incisive, and courageous in everything we do, on a foundation of unyielding Integrity
Story summary:

Enterprises want to partner with companies that consistently deliver business transformation. Unfortunately, without shared goals, this alignment can be hard to achieve.

At Genpact, we do things differently. We act as a seamless extension of our clients’ businesses. As a result, everyone is investing in client success and focused on delivering client value first.

When it comes to business transformation, we move beyond just cost reduction to focus on true drivers of value. We support business growth, prevent revenue leakage, increase productivity, and avoid costs – rather than just reducing them. And we help clients create better experiences across every corner of the enterprise.

We are curious, incisive, and courageous in everything we do while maintaining a foundation of integrity. This is our culture of collective ambition – where we stand by our clients through their transformation journey, every step of the way.

Data-driven change management

Smart leaders embrace change.
But what if employees don’t?

Continuous transformation can be disorganized, disruptive, and daunting. Or it can be organized, seamless, and exciting. It all depends on how enterprise leaders approach change management.

The most successful transformations help people embrace and lead the change. And our data-driven approach can help.

Fast facts:
Due to a lack of change management, only 30% of transformation programs hit their goals
Genpact assesses enterprise readiness for change through Change Lens, which brings together proprietary methodologies and frameworks with real-life operational experience to identify the best opportunities for transformation
With experience as operators and agents of change, we know how to keep the human experience front and center and maximize the benefits of transformation
Story summary:

Change management is one of the most important – but often overlooked – elements of continuous transformation. As transformation becomes business-as-usual, nothing remains the same for long. Unfortunately, people can be fearful of change — leading to higher attrition and lower ROI.

To overcome this challenge, the most successful transformations take a data-driven approach to change management, change leadership, and change capability building.

At Genpact, we help our clients become better prepared to manage transformation by examining their business through the eyes of an operator and a change manager. We collect data from across the ecosystem to:

  • Assess the enterprise and its readiness to support change
  • Uncover gaps that need to be addressed and core strengths to leverage
  • Make recommendations on how to move forward successfully

With a focus on the human experience, we open minds to the need for continuous transformation and get employees behind every change to help them thrive today and into the future.