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Discover a solution for gen AI change management

Embracing the transformative power of generative AI can be a game changer for organizations to amplify human capabilities, unleash creativity, and enhance productivity across every function and industry. Yet few employees receive guidance on seamlessly integrating this groundbreaking "copilot" into their workflows – leaving the majority unprepared to harness the full potential of this technological marvel.

Here, we'll explore the challenges enterprise leaders face when integrating gen AI and how to tackle them head-on.


Bridging the AI skill gap

While generative AI's reach and value are unlike anything we've seen before, research by IBM finds that only 35% of organizations say they are training and reskilling employees to work with new AI and automation software and tools.1

Closing the skill gap is a growing concern for many organizations, particularly integrating generative AI as a teammate. As this technology becomes more prevalent in business, skepticism, uncertainty, and fear about potential disruptions to traditional workflows and jobs are natural reactions.

Let's explore some concerns you may encounter as you adopt and deploy gen AI across your business:

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Maximizing human potential

At Genpact, we take a human-centric approach to digital transformation. Rather than viewing AI as just another new technology, we see it as a copilot that enables businesses to enhance human abilities through machine-generated insights. We call this augmented intelligence.

With augmented intelligence at the core, we empower employees at all levels to use gen AI for greater efficiency, creativity, and innovation. We achieve this by democratizing access to data-driven insights – the type of insights that result in memorable experiences that keep employees, customers, and investors coming back for more.

We've developed a change-management solution for gen AI that covers ten main areas:

  1. Organizational readiness assessment and adoption planning
  2. Framing gen AI as an enhancement, not a replacement, by crafting a powerful employee proposition
  3. Workforce planning and talent strategy design
  4. Interactive business and organization model-design sessions
  5. Hybrid role design that takes advantage of gen AI's full capabilities
  6. Responsible AI training and reskilling for existing and future programs
  7. Maximizing employee experience and engagement
  8. Communication strategy and planning
  9. Ongoing employee sentiment analysis with action planning
  10. Fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making powered by gen AI

Let's look at it in action.


From AI adoption to innovation

With Genpact as your change management partner, you can experience quick adoption, superior outcomes, and heightened employee engagement. Our clients' results speak for themselves:

  • ROI wins of over 70% when leadership support, employee adoption, and expected outcomes align
  • A significant boost in job satisfaction and overall employee experience, as reported by more than 90% of one organization's employees
  • A 20%–25% uptick in productivity when organizations actively listen to their employees' concerns and ideas
  • A nearly 100% increase in adoption of new working methods and tools through our robust change-management initiatives

Here's a deeper look at some organizations we recently partnered with and their results.

A global consumer health company

We facilitated the adoption of gen AI through employee training and performance support, communication, and stakeholder engagement. Through leadership alignment and cultural change management, we shifted mindsets and behaviors to become collaborative, agile, and digitally enabled.


  • 100% leadership alignment on the case for change
  • 95% of employees completed technology-use training
  • Significantly reduced help-desk calls related to change management initiatives

A global specialty reinsurance carrier

We prepared employees for new digital processes using awareness training and upskilling. This initiative included establishing new ways of working across global teams, supporting the adoption of a digitized submissions process, and clarifying responsibilities in the new operating model.


  • Over 90% gen AI adoption rate
  • 66% of employees scored the new processes favorably (measured at the beginning of adoption when most people push back on new working methods)
  • Fast realization of benefits from new digital processes and business models

The time to act is now

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, generative AI has redefined how companies operate. But before organizations can reap the full benefits of this powerful technology, enterprise leaders must train all employees to adapt and thrive in this new landscape.

By proactively preparing everyone for the AI revolution through continuous reskilling and effectively communicating those efforts, organizations can guarantee a seamless transition where human potential continues to flourish.

1 "IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022," IBM Research, May 2022.

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