Journeys in Transformation - AI and external data sources
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Journeys in Transformation - Improving AI with external data sources

As the pace of digital innovation accelerates, enterprise leaders recognize they can't solely rely on internal data to build high-quality artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. So far, though, few have successfully connected internal data with external data sources to boost their AI capabilities – potentially missing out on the full benefits of data analytics and AI.

Indeed, using external data sources is particularly important for industries like insurance, in which enterprises rely on data metrics such as credit scores or health information to assess risks and make coverage decisions.

To learn more about this topic, join us for a new Journeys in Transformation podcast as Genpact's global analytics leader, Amaresh Tripathy, and Lovell Hodge, vice president of data and adaptive intelligence at Munich Re, discuss the opportunities and challenges of using external data.

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