From automation to advanced analytics and seamless experiences, we embed AI to drive new operating models and strategic intelligence, resulting in smart processes and data driven decisions.

We help enterprises dramatically increase AI adoption with our pre-trained accelerators – machines with domain-specific intelligence – packaged for plug-and-play, leading to faster realization of ROI.

Our AI hubs bring in multi-disciplinary talent, using agile methodology, to help you focus on framing business problems, practically deploying them and driving top-line growth and bottom-line savings.


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We have products and solutions that fit your needs

Genpact has products and solutions to help embed artificial intelligence in business operations and processes. We help our clients redefine the value equation by combining AI with our deep domain expertise. From transforming business models using computer vision, finding new patterns with machine learning, to redefining knowledge work using natural language understanding, we offer products and solutions across a wide range of industry verticals.

Industry agnostic solutions

1 Product & Solution

AI and Analytics hubs

We embed AI hubs within our client's business and partner with them on developing and implementing their digital transformation strategy. With a maniacal focus on framing the business problem, we help our clients prioritize the right use cases, which are feasible and linked to top-line and bottom-line growth, resulting in quick wins.

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Banking, capital markets and insurance

4 Products & Solutions

Cora LiveWealth

Our AI-based solution elevates cognitive operations using a three-layered platform: data engagement, intent assessment, and reasoning engine and machine learning. The solution makes it easy to network your front, middle, and back office to enhance the customer experience while providing a stable training option for representatives.

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Cora LiveSpread

Our automated financial data analysis solution uses AI for improved underwriting and risk management. The system has the ability to double processing volume for your operations instantly, reduce costs associated with financial spreading operations, and eliminate the need for manual compliance controls.

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Cora ClaimsAI

Our AI-based solution uses computer vision to process automobile damage claims in real-time via a smartphone. The solution analyzes images of the damaged car and uses machine-learning models to automatically generate a cost estimate. As the product gets trained on past data, it can also flag fraudulent images up front.

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Front Desk Assistant

Our digital product helps import submissions and automate endorsements using custom natural language understanding algorithms to extract information from unstructured text. Submissions are parsed and allocated, and the renewal book manager automates and categorizes renewals for efficiency.

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Consumer goods, retail, high-tech and manufacturing

2 Products & Solutions

Cora OrderAssist

Our digital product provides real-time insights that transform decision making in order management. It seamlessly integrates and analyzes multiple data sources to develop recommendations for resolving order exceptions. Key benefits include increased accuracy and faster matching of product availability against near real-time demand.

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Case Fill Rate

Our advanced touchless solution uses machine learning to optimize case fill rate (CFR) and safety stock in supply chains. It uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to send alerts to planners and auto-correct for cut risks ahead of time. Benefits of the system include better product targeting, increased visibility, and inventory optimization.

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Life sciences and healthcare

1 Product & Solution

Cora PharmacoVigilance

This AI solution automates the processing of drug adverse events by utilizing our advanced analytics, algorithms, and AI engine, which is industrialized, modular, and in production at scale. The solution identifies potential new signals and seamlessly integrates with third-party tools to provide signal detection and evaluation.

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Finance, Accounting and Operations

2 Products & Solutions

Cora ML Financial Forecasting

Our machine learning-driven financial forecasting solution enables enterprises to run an accurate, accelerated, and agile forecasting process. The solution can generate baseline forecasts on demand and prescribe effective actions for businesses. Key benefits include better business decisions, enhanced user experience, and greater scale.

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Contract Assistant

Our AI-powered product eliminates manual intervention in document mapping and data extraction from invoices and contracts. It uses natural language understanding, machine learning, and automation to flag standardization and renegotiation opportunities, as well as discrepancies, and provides auditable insights back to the original data source.

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We embed AI in business to drive new operating models and strategic intelligence, resulting in smart decisions and faster ROI. Cora, our AI-driven digital business platform delivers transformation for the real world. Reach out to us to find out how you can disrupt your business model and transform your customer experience.