We help you design an analytics strategy and deploy it in your business, while enabling you to make better decisions using data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Cora Analytics uses big data, data science, data engineering, and machine learning to deliver deep insights and uncover opportunities that can transform your business.

Industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC, HfS Research, and Everest Group, consistently rate us as a leading global provider of analytics services.


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2 Products & Solutions

Enterprise performance management

We support finance departments and EPM organizations with strategic planning and analysis, working capital optimization, budget planning and forecasting. We also deliver risk analysis, strategy management scorecards and tracking, and analyze key corporate initiatives. With fast access to actionable performance insights you can make better decisions.

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Data engineering

Unlock business value with a sound data strategy, architecture, and governance. We develop and deploy a data-monetization strategy that optimizes the design, implementation, configuration, and management of your data ecosystems, creating agility, stability, and speed for intelligent decision-making.

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Banking, financial services, and insurance

4 Products & Solutions

Commercial lending and leasing

Our AI-based business banking solution reduces customer churn and increases wallet share with targeted cross-selling marketing campaigns. We give you a 360-degree customer view based on internal and external data to tailor product recommendations by customer and opportunity stage.

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Risk management

Our integrated solutions address financial crime and regulatory compliance. Minimize risk and improve risk scores with our anti-money laundering and know-your-customer services. We also help firms make capital-efficient credit decisions with credit underwriting and portfolio monitoring, and support financial institutions with investment research.

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Customer acquisition and servicing

Secure new customers, improve marketing ROI, and enhance sales effectiveness. Our end-to-end digital campaign management solution spans campaign design, execution, and measurement. We also provide data-centric solutions with machine learning to improve interactions throughout the customer life cycle.s

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Insurance claims

We help insurers achieve the right balance between customer satisfaction, loss adjusting expense, and loss accuracy. Our analytics solutions include claims segmentation and first-notice-of-loss triage. And we improve your claims loss estimation with photo and video inspections, and manage fraud for health insurance claims.

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Life sciences and consumer goods

3 Products & Solutions

Cora PharmacoVigilance

Pharmaceutical firms can now automate case processing for adverse events to create scale, improve compliance and enhance patient safety. And with advanced analytics algorithms, machine learning, and our AI engine we can identify patterns and signals to predict safety issues and prevent adverse events. We're transforming pharmacovigilance.

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Commercial analytics

We deliver insights across the commercial life cycle of a drug - from communicating with physicians, monitoring drug performance, maximizing treatment diagnostics, and measuring brand performance. We provide market-mix modeling, sales forecasting, pricing and promotions optimization, and digital media insights to pharma and consumer goods firms.

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Supply chain analytics

We help companies optimize inventory levels, improve working capital and keep customers happy with a demand-driven supply chain powered by intelligent planning and reporting. We also provide complete visibility and insights into client's supply chain performance and its financial implications with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Manufacturing and high tech

2 Products & Solutions

Supply chain analytics

We optimize inventory levels, improve working capital, and keep customers happy with a demand-driven supply chain powered by our intelligent planning and reporting. We also provide greater insights and visibility of your supply chain performance and financial implications with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Industrial internet of things

We help organizations build and sustain an IoT-driven Data-to-Insight-to-ActionSM strategy by managing manufacturing and aftermarket processes. We reduce asset maintenance and warranty costs, minimize downtime, improve product quality and manufacturing performance by combining connected machinery with advanced analytics.

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