During periods of uncertainty and disruption, we transform data into business intelligence through prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and AI. The result is intelligent recommendations that help our clients transform.

Using data engineering and master data management, we build robust data foundations for our clients - the building block of augmented intelligence and AI-powered analytics.

We embed innovation hubs and develop AI and analytics pods throughout our client's business functions. These teams allow enterprises to build smart processes to deliver transformation analytics at scale.

The Forrester Wave™ highlights Genpact's ability to deliver insights as a service through domain, data, analytics, and technology expertise. 


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Genpact's analytics services enable augmented intelligence by turning structured and unstructured data into actionable insights. Our analytics experts understand both the technical and industry-specific characteristics of your business. We'll blend leading technologies with our team's skills across big data analytics, predictive analytics, and business intelligence to create competitive advantage. The result? Data-driven insights and more informed decisions for our clients.

Leading solutions

3 Products & Solutions

Data foundation

Augmented intelligence begins with data. We help companies develop business data services by integrating data sources across multiple silos to achieve a single source of truth. We then optimize data ecosystems using data engineering to ensure speed in the intelligent decision-making process.

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AI and analytics hubs

We embed our advanced analytics experts within our client's analytics teams to help them develop AI and analytics hubs to accelerate transformation. Our deep industry expertise and best practices, earned through years of delivering analytics operations, help us drive new thinking and strategic insights within our clients' operations.

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Cora Finance Analytics

Cora Finance Analytics is a holistic solution that provides finance professionals with actionable insights across the finance value chain. It helps finance professionals improve decision-making, backed by data science and advanced visualization

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Consumer goods, retail, high-tech, and manufacturing

2 Products & Solutions

Supply chain analytics

From using analytics to find the optimal product price to optimizing inventory and predicting demand, we help enterprises control working capital. We also provide complete visibility and insights into our client's supply chain performance and its financial implications with our augmented intelligence engine, powered by machine learning and AI.

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Crystal clear insights for hi-tech companies

We enable high tech companies transform their operations through a combination of process-centric digital technologies and advanced analytics.

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Banking, capital markets and insurance

3 Products & Solutions

Risk management

We help companies with financial crime compliance across customer screening, fraud protection, anti-money laundering, and trade surveillance. We combine digital technologies and intuitive workflows to increase surveillance, reduce false positives, speed up investigations, and streamline regulatory reporting.

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Insurance Analytics

We help insurers achieve the right balance between customer satisfaction, loss adjusting expense, and loss accuracy. Our analytics solutions include claims segmentation and first-notice-of-loss triage. We also improve claims loss estimation with photo and video inspections and manage fraud for health insurance claims.

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Consumer Banking Analytics

We help companies secure new customers, improve marketing ROI, and enhance sales effectiveness. Our analytics-driven customer journey mapping solutions span campaign design, execution, and measurement. We also provide an interactive reporting and visualization platform to improve interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Life sciences and healthcare

1 Product & Solution

Life sciences commercial analytics

Our process excellence, digital capabilities, and industry knowledge help life sciences companies put patient needs first while enhancing growth and compliance. Using predictive models and data visualization, we help pharmaceutical companies optimize their commercial spend across marketing, sales, and payor rebates.

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We understand how challenging it can be to transition to this new world of augmented intelligence. To help you get started, we'll asses where you are in your analytics journey and help you chart a course to analytics maturity. Our comprehensive partner ecosystem of big data tools and solutions enable a host of self-service business models for our clients. Please reach out to us for more details.