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Delivering a blockbuster customer experience with marketing analytics

How a media and entertainment industry giant boosted its online experience and digital revenue with state-of-the-art marketing analytics

Who we worked with

A global media and entertainment brand.

What the company needed

To significantly improve the digital experience for guests and increase revenue generation opportunities and marketing spend effectiveness.

How we helped

Over 100 Genpact digital marketing analysts, data scientists, engineers, and technologists implementing and continuously evolving a data analytics roadmap.

What the company got

A nearly 10% boost to digital revenue from increased traffic and a seamless online experience. Plus, a higher marketing ROI and customer conversion rate.


Competitive pressures drive need for innovation

The world of entertainment has been through a lot over the past few years. Just as the effects of the pandemic started to recede, inflation and fears of a recession have sent customer spend on a downward spiral and slashed entertainment budgets.

Faced with the need to do more with less, this media and entertainment giant had to reduce customer churn, get more value from its marketing spend, and increase the overall spend per guest.

This meant consolidating and analyzing huge amounts of data to help guests plan the perfect trip. But this data was inefficient and disparate, and without the proper analytics models, the company lacked valuable insights. The result: disappointing ROI, ineffective marketing campaigns, and low levels of audience retention.

It was time for an analytics transformation to create seamless online experiences and increase customer spend. We took on the challenge to transform the existing marketing analytics process and build a comprehensive roadmap to reduce customer churn using advanced marketing analytics across all lines of business.


Behind-the-scenes marketing intelligence powered by digital

The starting point was establishing data analytics centers of excellence across the company. Through these, we gained a deeper understanding of the customer journey – from acquisition to generating customer advocacy. We identified the nuances in each, allowing us to plot current processes and identify areas for improvement.

This intelligence formed the basis of a multiyear roadmap, charting an analytics evolution using state-of-the-art proprietary solutions, NLP-based algorithms, and data engineering accelerators hosted on Amazon Web Services.

We've continuously innovated and added to our skill sets to filter through vast amounts of data using data engineering, anomaly detection, data visualization for forecasting and planning, and website tracking for campaign effectiveness and booking analytics.

Plus, we've helped to optimize the website layout, app features, and feedback experience. Our technology stack and analytics solutions allocated marketing dollars better through a greater understanding of media channels and their audiences, maximizing marketing ROI.

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A crowd-pleasing online experience that increases retention and revenue

With a partnership that started in 2015, collaboration has been and remains the key to the success of this project.

Genpact's process and analytics expertise, combined with our media and entertainment industry knowledge, has enabled a comprehensive data-to-analytics-to-insights process that has delivered a 10% increase in revenue for this specific part of the business. We achieved this through:

  • A nearly 5% increase in omnichannel traffic
  • A 7% increase in marketing campaign conversion rate
  • An 11% increase in booking penetration
  • A 10% increase in orders

The company now has best-in-class analytics that delivers audience-wowing sales and marketing campaigns, generating increased revenue and profits.

And that's just the start. We continue to roll out new phases of the roadmap and measure and improve existing capabilities to enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth.

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