Inventory Optimizer

Delight customers and free up working capital and with laser-accurate inventory planning

Inventory Optimizer Highlights

  • 50
    boost to planning productivity
  • +
    increase in forecast accuracy
  • +
    reduction in excess inventory
  • Keep global supply chains moving

    A cloud-based integrated planning platform that spans demand planning, supply network planning, and order processing and allocation.

  • Illuminate inefficiencies

    Analyzing all of the supply chain strands identifies inaccuracies, bottlenecks, and poor processes.

  • Leave legacy issues behind

    Leave the limitations of legacy systems behind with cloud-powered analytics.

Product portfolio planning

Portfolio rationalization, profitability analysis, and phase-in and phase-out planning.

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Syncing supply and demand for an electronics giant

Demand planning

Demand pattern and variability analysis, baseline and consensus forecasting, and forecast aggregation and disaggregation.

Supply planning

Procurement, production, and capacity planning, inventory optimization, demand-supply balancing, and adherence to scheduled receipts plans.

Scenario planning

Outcome-driven risk and opportunity planning using "what if" scenarios.

Performance and risk visualization

Solutions that leverage data, metrics, and insights to mitigate supply and demand risks.

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