Welcome to the Age of Instinct

Where foresight is 20/20

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The instinctive enterprise evolves to thrive

Acutely aware. Immediately responsive.

The instinctive enterprise is a new species in business, perfectly adapted to today’s challenging landscape. It moves smarter, faster, and closer to the customer, outmaneuvering threats, and devouring opportunities.

Operating with instinct, it behaves more like an advanced organism than a fixed organization. Awake to the world through AI, and joined to the customer for survival, the instinctive enterprise is ready to thrive.

Explore how successful businesses will evolve on Fortune and Recode.

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What makes an enterprise instinctive?

Connected ecosystems

In the age of instinct, successful enterprises eliminate functional silos and blur the boundaries between organizations.

Predictive insight

The instinctive enterprise works with vast amounts of data, making prediction ubiquitous throughout the organization.

Adaptive workforce

An adaptive company shifts people from functional roles to purpose-driven career paths that embrace change.

Empowered by expertise, AI unlocks the instinctive enterprise

A business that can sense and act with speed and precision

Wired front to back, the instinctive enterprise has AI as its central nervous system. Centered around the customer, it connects people, processes, and industry knowledge to amplify human potential. 

Sensing subtle signals. Detecting patterns. Anticipating customer needs. The instinctive enterprise is changing the nature of business.

Read our study on AI adoption with senior executive, workers, and consumers to empower your business.

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An instinct to reinvent

From detect and respond to foresee and prevent

Imagine pharma companies sharing data to pursue patient safety. By making pharmacovigilance more about sensing and anticipating than tracking and reacting, they can spot adverse events that were previously undetectable.

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Operating at the speed of instinct

Envision Virgin Racing, a founding Formula E team, is embedding AI as its neural wiring to connect people, processes, and racing knowledge. They’re on track to make more accurate decisions at lightning-fast speed.

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When insurers become protectors

Insurers are set to play more than a transactional role in your life. With computer vision and vast volumes of data, the firm of the future will use predictive insights to approve claims in minutes to evolve beyond a policy contract into a trusted entity.

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Why now?
Companies have always understood the importance of being able to connect, predict, and adapt, but there was a missing link. Today, artificial intelligence offers the evolutionary unlock for the enterprise of the future.

Why Genpact?
As customer expectations soar and technology disrupts markets, you need a partner to navigate these conditions. A partner with the process and industry expertise, digital solutions, and people who will be the catalyst for your evolution into an instinctive enterprise.

It’s time to begin the transformation.

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Leading in the Age of Instinct

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AI is changing our work and lives, says our CEO and President, Tiger Tyagarajan

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Harnessing instinct in banking

How commercial banks can offer a lifeline to SMEs with predictive insights

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