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Cora APFlow

Our accounts payable platform automates processes to help you streamline payments, improve supplier relationships, and cut costs



Cora APFlow is one of our market-leading accounts payable solutions. It makes invoice processing touchless with dynamic workflows, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Whatever industry you're in, let us show you a better way to do business.

Cora APFlow: Automate and transform accounts payable intelligently

Electronic invoice receipt and capture

Manage invoices from across the globe in a variety of formats. They'll go straight into your enterprise resource planning system to improve cycle time from receipt to payments. Cora APFlow can also auto-post invoices to allow straight-through processing from day one. The accounts payable platform also features customizable workflows, so it's easier to manage exceptions, check approvals, and prioritize invoices for more timely processing and payment.

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Accounts payable analytics

Keep a close eye on key performance indicators for accounts payable. Cora APFlow helps you configure reports and dashboards for greater visibility and deeper insights into accounts payable analytics. With customized reports, you can give your business stakeholders and suppliers full visibility of every invoice. Plus, the connected supplier portal allows suppliers to check their invoice status in real time to free up your accounts payable helpdesk.

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Featured solutions

Accounts payable need to work anytime from anywhere, which is why we designed Cora APFlow with the mobile workforce in mind. Also, through our partner network, our accounts payable platform helps with supply chain financing so you can pay suppliers quickly and receive early payment discounts.


Accept invoices in multiple formats from global e-invoicing networks for greater compliance and faster payments. With this automation, you can develop stronger relationships with your suppliers.

Touchless invoice optimizer

Use machine learning to predict delays in invoice processing and find the best way to clear exceptions. Built-in escalation reminders speed up approvals and help you resolve exceptions effectively.

Requester prediction

Don't let invoices get held up by missing requesters. With machine learning, Cora APFlow identifies likely requesters based on past invoice data to complete missing requester details.

Supplier management

Cora APFlow can automate supplier setup and maintenance. And because suppliers have real-time access to their invoice status and payment data, they don't have to contact the accounts payable helpdesk.

Early payment discounts

Sometimes, the faster you pay the less you pay. Don't miss out – Cora APFlow helps businesses get early payment discounts using its unique and customizable early payment discount program.

Fraud detection and prevention

Prevent and reduce expense fraud with Cora APFlow. The solution will help you identify possible fraud by flagging duplicate invoices, abnormal invoice values, and other suspicious signs.

Global support and scale

Cora APFlow supports multiple languages and currencies, with built-in disaster recovery. Better still, it will integrate, scale, and update without compromising your existing infrastructure.


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"The digital technology of Cora APFlow, combined with Tradeshift's sophisticated B2B network, creates a connected ecosystem that provides faster access to data to drive more strategic P2P decisions."
Katie Stein Chief Strategy Officer and Global Business Leader of Enterprise Services and Analytics, Genpact

Building superior experiences rooted in digital

See how Cora APFlow enabled touchless invoice processing, increased e-invoicing adoption, improved transparency and enhanced supplier relations.

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