Healthcare & Life Sciences

Generating Smart Healthcare Insight Impact

At Genpact, we have a decade of experience helping leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises foresee, respond, and adapt to market changes. In a complex market, our solution is simple: We deliver a continuum of insights spanning collection, synthesis, and analysis of both structured and unstructured data, enabling the customer to make smarter decisions, whether the challenges come from corporate level business intelligence and reporting, MDM solutions, or nuanced marketing mix modeling. We understand that high-performing pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations need analytical infusions within all functions, and therefore, our approach of “Industrialization of Analytics” delivers a system through which firms can add analytical flexibility and scalability at each dimension of their operations.

Our healthcare and life sciences practice includes analysts and researchers with PhDs and advanced degrees in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, computer applications, and business management from leading universities with relevant industry experience.

Genpact provides such analytics and research scalability across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical devices spectrum with 10 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies and 3 of the top 5 Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) as our clients. Our experience spans a variety of data sets across the commercial analytics continuum, including IMS Health, SDI, CDC, and Verispan, among others.


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Genpact provides solid expertise in advanced analytics, research, and data management services across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, payers, PBMs and provider markets worldwide. Our offerings have been tried and tested by leading companies in highly competitive markets and have been built with real world challenges and technology dynamics in mind. Some of the key services are highlighted below:

  • Social Media Services for Healthcare and Life Sciences: Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management and measurement (social media, brands, ROI)
  • Marketing Analytics: Market Mix, Campaign Analytics, Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Managed Market Analytics
  • Forecasting Services: Inline and Pipeline
  • Competitive Intelligence: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Payer, PBM
  • Healthcare Clinical Analytics: Mediation Adherence, Medicare Part D Reporting, Adverse Event Prediction
  • Customer Experience Management: Contact Center Optimization
  • BI and Reporting: BI, MDM Management, Data Services

In addition, Genpact offers comprehensive research, media monitoring, and measurement services to clarify customer attitudes, preferences, experience, influence, perception, and factors affecting a brand in terms of awareness, sentiment, consideration, and reputation.


Genpact’s focus on process effectiveness, analytics, technology, and customer satisfaction leads directly to significantly enhanced brand loyalty, greater market share, and higher revenues at lower costs. Some of the benefits accrued by our healthcare, life sciences, and medical devices clients include: