Adapt and rise

Overcome uncertainty to unlock supply chain resilience

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Emerging from the storm

The world faces a unique, complex challenge that’s disrupting our lives, businesses, and confidence. But it’s the companies that can find their legs within these rough seas that can also emerge stronger.

As supply chains struggle with new demand patterns, supply constraints, and logistical challenges, you can use lessons learned to kickstart transformation and build resilience.

Find out how the choices you make today will shape your supply chain of tomorrow.

Don’t waste a crisis

Build supply chain resilience and prepare for a post-COVID-19 world

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Build on our insights for supply chain resilience

Build resilience with Genpact

Forecasting-as-a-service, agile response framework, control tower, and network design.

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AI-powered supply chains: Data outside the four walls

Discover how industry leaders are using advanced technologies to optimize supply chain demand forecasting.

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Supplier relationship management

Navigate economic uncertainty by fostering strategic supplier relationships.

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Kraft Heinz and COVID-19

How its supply chain adapted to soaring demand how Genpact enabled the response.

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The Kraft Heinz Genpact supply chain partnership

How the partnership has evolved since 2017

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COVID-19 supply chain disruption

The short-term challenges and how you can overcome them

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Stress test supply chains

Four ways to evaluate current supply chain performance

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Supply chain automation

Automating supply chains through an experience lens can benefit customers, employees, and suppliers

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Protecting procurement spend

Procurement teams are under pressure to cut indirect spend and protect balance sheets. This is how they can start

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How Genpact can help 

Supply chain management

Genpact brings more than 20 years of consulting experience, technology expertise, and a broad partner network to help clients transform and operate global supply chains. Our services minimize disruptions and optimize costs and working capital.

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Solutions for business continuity

From cash optimization to order management, we have solutions that will deliver short-term recovery and long-term contingency planning. These are not new ideas, but tried and tested approaches that have helped companies across industries manage periods of major disruption.

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About Genpact

Genpact is a global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. We drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for Global Fortune 500 companies. From New York to New Delhi and more than 25 countries in between, we connect every dot, reimagine every process, and reinvent companies’ ways of working.