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building resilience banking capital markets with genpact
building resilience banking capital markets with genpact

You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails

For the financial industry, it's still anything but business as usual. Rough seas, though, make strong sailors.

Recent world events have forced banks to adapt to many challenges, such as higher delinquencies, government bailouts, and increasing vulnerability to financial crime, credit, and operational risks. But you can use lessons learned to build long-term resilience.

Find out how the choices you make today will shape your bank tomorrow.

The CARES Act: Navigating the journey to forgiveness

Banks must shift from speed to careful due diligence when helping borrowers receive forgiveness for Paycheck Protection Program loans.

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Cloud-based customer support will help banks thrive during and after COVID-19

COVID-19 has accelerated banks' journey to cloud. Here's what it means for customer support.


From the back seat to the driver's seat: Used cars in 2022 and beyond

Building a separate vertical market for used cars will enable automakers and lenders to find new ways of doing old business.

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Chatbots to the rescue?

Banks' call volumes have surged due to the pandemic. Bots can help. Here's the key to success.


How OEMs and lenders can jump-start the stalled auto market

The auto finance industry is facing serious headwinds. Learn how automakers and lenders can unify to address them.

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How AI can help banks rescue at-risk consumers

The Financial Brand shares our insights on how AI can help banks protect and support financially vulnerable customers.

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For auto lenders, last year's challenges are today's opportunities

Auto lenders' emergency responses to the pandemic offer a playbook for a more efficient future.

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