Adapt and rise

Unlock foresight and resilience with finance and accounting

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Emerging from the storm

As companies navigate today’s challenges, they’re looking for sources of agility and insight that will help them emerge stronger.

Finance and accounting teams can lead the way. With new ways of working and digital technologies, F&A can improve working capital, deliver faster, more accurate forecasts, and shape strategic decisions for long-term resilience.

See how the choices you make today will shape tomorrow. 

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How finance operations unlock cash

Six ways to improve working capital for today and the long term

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Build on our resilience insights for F&A

How businesses can grapple with pandemic-driven changes

Learn about the paradigm shift in capital management and the role of analytics and partnerships in giving firms an edge

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Reinvent collections with predictive analytics

See how a global manufacturer reinvented its archaic collections strategy using predictive analytics to boost cash flow

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Turn the corner on cash flow with a liquidity council

See how a global company set up a liquidity council to reinvent payables and receivables management to improve cash flow


Special forces to boost cash flow

See how a liquidity management task force can help companies accelerate cash flow and build long-term resilience

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The virtues of the virtual close

Six steps to help you achieve an accurate and timely virtual financial close, and build a more resilient organization

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Finance-as-a-service for the big-picture view

Adopting finance-as-a-service model can help companies accelerate transformation, build resilience, and foster growth

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Refocusing invoice to cash as businesses recalibrate priorities

Follow the three priorities to maintain cash flow and enhance customer experience

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Build resilience into financial controllership

Streamline record-to-report for agility and confident decision-making

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Bring agility to FP&A

Here’s how financial planning and analysis teams can create accurate forecasts in unpredictable times

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Uncovering a new financial close

Coronavirus has forced new ways of working on finance professionals. Closing the books may never look the same again

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How Genpact can help 

Conserve cash for business resilience

We help companies rethink actions across receivables, inventory, and payables to improve working capital efficiency. Combining our industry and financial management expertise with digital solutions, we deliver scenario-based cash flow forecasts to boost business resilience.

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Make FP&A predictive

We make FP&A teams more agile, efficient and forward-looking to respond at speed to businesses' needs during a crisis and enhance decision-making.

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Solutions for business continuity

From cash optimization to order management, we have solutions that will deliver short-term recovery and long-term contingency planning. These are not new ideas, but tried and tested approaches that have helped companies across industries manage periods of major disruption.


Solutions for your F&A team

See how we can help your finance function transform to meet new expectations, generate faster predictive insights, and build greater resilience for your business.

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