Adapt and rise

Weather any storm with advanced analytics

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From uncertainty to actionable insight

In the new world taking shape around us, companies need access to data-driven analytics to act with agility and remain competitive.

Combining the power of machine intelligence and human judgment – also known as augmented intelligence – is one way to do it. This creative mix gives employees and business leaders access to insights that underpin long-term resilience and growth.

Remember, the choices you make today will shape your business tomorrow.

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Analytics and the new normal

Make more informed decisions with augmented intelligence

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Build on our resilience insights for analytics

Prepare for the future with forecasting

See how enterprises improve business planning and enhance demand prediction, finance allocation, and stress testing.

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Augmented intelligence in action

In trying times, people are open to new ideas. This means actionable insights can have an even greater impact.

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Cloud is the new normal

In our virtual world, learn how cloud keeps businesses thriving and employees connected.

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Predict and protect

See how a global healthcare company used analytics and forecasting models to keep frontline workers safe.

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Don't waste a crisis

No business was left unchanged by COVID-19. But sometimes a crisis can become an opportunity.

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Acting with agility

See how a health insurer used analytics to support members at a high risk of contracting COVID-19.

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Managing uncertainty

As one period of disruption ends, another could be on the horizon. Stay strong with analytics.

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How Genpact can help

Solutions for business resilience

While various forms of disruption from COVID-19 can be found almost everywhere, there are common themes. Businesses will need to explore new ways of working, refine their supply chains, adapt to unprecedented demand, and – all the while – protect cash flow as the situation develops.


Digital transformation at scale

Genpact's unique combination of digital and industry expertise delivers innovative, digitally enabled, intelligent operations for our global clients. The result? Greater business resilience, faster development times, better customer experiences, higher ROI, and increased agility.

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Take control of spend

Our spend analytics solution delivers visibility and insights on spend across an organization's supply base. We bring together scalable technology and analytics experts to deliver accurate results that give sourcing and category teams confidence in spend data, so they can focus on delivering value.

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