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When it comes to retail banking, customer centricity is everything

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The banking industry is undergoing a structural transformation. Traditional financial institutions now operate side by side with a new crop of online financial services providers. Customer experience is proving to be the strategic differentiator for retail banks. And regulatory compliance continues to inform and shape many processes, governance policies, and the risk appetite of banks and lenders. While the array of challenges is here to stay and will forever evolve, it also presents an opportunity for banks to disrupt the status quo and update their existing models to innovate for a better future.

Customer centricity is the key. New growth models are required to target and effectively engage with customers as they interact with your financial institution at various touch points within an open finance ecosystem. Regardless of where they are in their journey, insights into what customers want is key to success. This demands new approaches that provide workers with data-driven insights that inform action, supported by the right retail banking solutions and smart processes.

Genpact is your strategic partner. We enable firms to define, design, and implement experiences that shape the future. Our deep understanding of consumer banking operations and relationships with technology partners and ecosystem players, such as regulators, help you win. By prioritizing customer centricity, embracing technological advancements, and responsibly navigating the integration of generative AI, Genpact helps financial institutions position themselves at the forefront of the dynamic consumer banking industry.

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Whether it's payments, customer support, personal lending, collections, wealth management, onboarding, or servicing, our consumer banking services and solutions cater to all your customer needs.

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