Banking on change: The role of generative AI in banking
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Banking on change: Westpac and Genpact on the role of generative AI in banking

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of generative AI in the end-to-end banking value chain with Westpac

Andrew Macey, COO of HR services at multinational financial services firm Westpac, shares his insights on the opportunities and challenges for generative AI in banking.

In this final episode in our banking on change series, Andrew discusses generative AI and what it means for the end-to-end value chain, including customer care, and financial planning and analysis. Hear his views on:

  • The potential of generative AI in improving employee experiences by letting people focus on higher-value tasks
  • Governance and ethics in the era of generative AI

Listen to the full episode. And don't miss out on the first episode delighting customers and employees and second one on cornering the auto-finance market at Westpac.

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